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14 Valentine's Day Games for Kids from Crafts to Candy

Kids of all ages, from preschoolers to older kids can enjoy these simple, DIY Valentine's Day games that can be played at home, at a party, or in the classroom.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

Kids love to feel loved and to celebrate holidays. This Valentine’s Day, you can show your children some special holiday love by playing a few of these Valentine’s Day games for kids. Whether you play as a family at home or in a classroom party at school, there are so many fun games to make the most of this holiday and to show your children that you care.

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Many of these games are DIY and based upon using free printables, so much of the fun happens right within the creation of the games. Kids of all ages, from preschoolers to older kids, can enjoy our roundup of 14 Valentine’s Day games for kids:

1. Valentine’s Day Bingo Game

Valentine's Bingo Game

Bingo is always one of the best fun games for a class party or group. Kids especially love it when there are prizes to win like valentine stickers, temporary tattoos, and pencils. Fortunately, there are many options for free printable bingo game cards. Our sister site,, offers free, printable Bingo cards here.

2. Valentine Tic Tac Toe

Valentine's Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is made even more fun when you use Valentine’s Day themed candies as the pieces for tic tac toe boards. You can use candy conversation hearts, red and pink Tic Tacs, Hershey’s Kisses, or even cookies. You can also find free, printable tic tac toe boards here on Family Education..

3. Cupid Arrow Toss Game

Valentine's Toss Game

This is an active tossing game that kids love which enables you to have double the fun creating the game pieces with your kids using some basic materials such as construction paper, paper plates, and straws, all in fun valentine themed colors. The Playground Parkbench blog gives you all the details on how to make and play the game here.

4. Valentine Memory Matching Game

Valentine's Matching Game

Memory is a family favorite when it comes to games. Finding a match for adorable pictures displaying love in various forms makes it even more sweet. You can create the game together with your children as you draw or trace a collection of matching cards with images such as different color hearts, cupids, hugs, and more.

5. Valentine Minute to Win It

Valentine's Minute to Win It

This is always a hit at a kids’ Valentine’s Day party. Minute to Win It challenges can be fun in every place from a preschool to a party for teens. Players love to race against the clock to complete challenges. We have lots of fun options for Minute to Win It challenge inspiration here.

6. Valentine’s Day Word Search

Valentine's Word Search

A valentine themed word scramble is the perfect quiet game to have kids work on individually as you set up a party or if you finish up classroom party games with a few minutes to spare. You can find several free, printable options for Valentine’s Day here on Family Education. It also includes free, printable Valentine’s Day cards as well!

7. Valentine Themed Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a blast for both kids and adults. If your family loves riddles, you can make a scavenger hunt even more exciting by using riddles as clues. You can also hide small valentine themed surprises along the way and have the full hunt lead up to a larger Valentine’s Day surprise. We have all the inspiration you need to create a fun family scavenger hunt here.

8. Hearts to Hearts

Valentine's Hearts to Hearts

Hearts to Hearts is a fun and easy game to play for kids of all ages. Similar to Apples to Apples, kids can make funny phrases with Valentine’s Day themes using these free, printable cards on the blog Skip to My Lou.

9. Valentine Hopscotch

Valentine's Hopscotch

Heart Hopscotch is the perfect way for kids to get their wiggles out and to play an active game indoors at a valentine party. All you need is red or pink colored cardstock cut into the shape of hearts, painter’s tape, markers, and lids. We have hopscotch instructions for you here in case you need a refresher on the rules of this classic game.

10. I Spy with a Valentine’s Day Twist

Valentine's I Spy

If you need Valentine’s Day party ideas, look no further. Children love to play I Spy, especially when it’s done with a Valentine’s Day twist. You can find I Spy inspiration over at

11. Musical Hearts

Valentine's Musical Hearts

Musical Hearts is a great choice when considering Valentine’s Day party games. Teach Mama shares how she made it into a fun game that involves both reading and activity so it’s a perfect game for school.

12. Candy Hearts Tower Game

Valentine's Candy Hearts Tower

This is an excellent choice for kids who love STEM activities. Building towers using estimation, measurement, and some engineering skills makes it a fun learning activity, and kids love to eat the props after. This game would be very similar to the Penny Tower minute-to-win-it game explained here.

13. Valentine Cookie Face Game

Valentine's Cookie Face

It’s always a win to include something based in silliness and dessert when considering holiday game ideas. This game can be used as a Minute to Win It challenge or as a stand alone game. Moving a cookie from your forehead to your mouth is always tons of fun, as we shared here.

14. Unwrap the Hearts Relay Race

Valentine's Relay Race

Relay races are exciting ways for kids to work together as a team. It’s even more exciting when candy is involved. Simply create relay race teams and have each child wear a pair of mittens. They will take turns racing up to a table where they have a foil covered chocolate heart to fully unwrap. The first team to complete the tasks wins!

Looking for more Valentine’s Day fun? Download our free printable Valentine’s Day Activity Booklet for kids.

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