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Science Projects

Science projects help kids develop a healthy understanding of the scientific method —, while having fun! Your child's project should pose a question, make a hypothesis, and then answer the question. Encourage your child's interest in science and love of learning with these imaginative science fair ideas and backyard science activities.

Advice from a Science-Fair Judge

Advice from a Science-Fair Judge John Douglass,* a neurobiologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has judged both grade-school and high-school science fairs, local and international. Here are his pointers for parents: It's hard to cut corners on a science project without it showing up. Some students think if they produce a colorful, flashy poster, they're going to come out ahead. But judges are looking well beyond that for solid content and creativity, as well as organizational and observational skills. read more

All About Science Fairs

All About Science Fairs It's a curious thing: even though American scientists are valued and respected in American society, fewer and fewer American students are pursuing the sciences beyond minimum graduation requirements. What can we do to reverse this trend? How can science transcend the classroom and transport kids to new dimensions of discovery and invention? For starters, consider the science fair. read more

Eight Steps to a Great Science Fair Project

Eight Steps to a Great Science Fair Project read more

Eureka! 5 Easy Ways to Grow Kids' STEM Skills at Home

Eureka! 5 Easy Ways to Grow Kids' STEM Skills at Home STEM — yikes! Science, technology, engineering, and math (the "STEM" subjects) are important areas of learning for any student — but they sure can be intimidating for parents who are trying to reinforce their kids' education at home. read more

Grow a Butterfly Garden

Grow a Butterfly GardenAge: Preschool and upTime: An afternoon or moreType of activity: Nature Arts and Crafts read more

Incredible Exploding Sandwich Bag Science Activity

Incredible Exploding Sandwich Bag Science Activity If a baking soda rocket wasn't enough of an explosion for your child, then this experiment is bound to be more his style. Using the same acid-base reaction that makes quick bread rise when you cook, this experiment shows that sometimes, combining common household products can be explosive without being dangerous. However, this experiment is definitely messy! Take your materials outside, or choose a place to "explode" your sandwich bag that can be cleaned up easily. read more

Make Your Own Toilet Paper Tube Flashlight

Make Your Own Toilet Paper Tube Flashlight By now, your child has learned enough about electricity to know that it's not some mysterious force that only electricians can make sense of. If you've already made a Lemon Clock, then he has learned a little about electrons and how batteries work. Making a Toilet Paper Tube Flashlight will not only reinforce those skills but also help your child understand what's going on inside a regular flashlight when he flips the switch. read more

Perfume Making

Perfume MakingIngredients read more

Rain in a Bag Activity

Rain in a Bag ActivityAge: ElementaryTime: 30 minutes or lessType of Activity: Art and Science Materials needed: Clear, plastic, resealable baggie -- sandwich size White paper cut to the size of the baggie. Scissors Permanent magic markers Water Who says it only rains outside? Make your own rain and teach your child about the laws of condensation and evaporation. Here's how it works. What you do: read more

Science Discoveries II Quiz

How much do you know about recent science discoveries? read more

Science Experiments for Kids: Bottle Balloon Blow-Up

Science Experiments for Kids: Bottle Balloon Blow-Up If your child jumps for joy at the thought of blowing things up, she will really enjoy the Bottle Balloon Blow-Up experiments. Though her excitement may die down temporarily when she realizes the only thing getting blown up is the balloon, it will be quickly reignited when she realizes that she can blow up balloons using various forces, none of which include forcing air from her lungs into the balloon. These experiments work best with latex balloons. read more

Science Experiments for Kids: Make a Lemon Clock

Science Experiments for Kids: Make a Lemon Clock As part of a generation of children growing up in an increasingly green and eco-conscious world, things like low-energy light bulbs and hybrid cars are the norm for your child. Making a clock that runs on citrus power is not only a powerful way to reinforce the idea that there are alternative energy sources to be found everywhere, but it's also a great way for her to learn more about electricity and conductive materials. read more

Science Fair: Steps for Success

Science Fair: Steps for SuccessStart off by looking around. What have you noticed recently? What are you curious about? Do you wonder why something behaves the way it does or what makes something happen? Once you've decided on a topic of your own, find out as much as you can about it. read more

The Backyard Volcano

The Backyard Volcano Age: Elementary and upTime: About 15 minutesType of Activity: Backyard science read more

Top Science Fair Projects for All Ages

Science fair projects can be fun and educational, and push children to learn more about scientific study and research. Help your child find a science fair project that fits his area of interest. This list of interesting, easy-to-create science fair projects will encourage his love of science! Just remember, adult supervision is required for all of these suggestions. read more

Who Knows Volcanoes? Quiz

Volcanoes can create islands and destroy towns. They can even make beautiful sunsets. How much do you know about these sleeping giants? read more