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School Fundraising

Whether you're organizing your own drive or just chipping in, find the best, and easiest, ways to raise lots of money for your school.

PTOs and School Fundraising

PTOs and School FundraisingThe first week of school, the new and firm backpack is always stuffed with notes. Pickup times, orders for chocolate, 1% or whole milk, a list of teacher expectations. But I feel it in the air. It's about to happen.... Fundraising The second week. There it is. The big sign on the big blue doors. "Wrapping paper fund drive begins September 15th!" The money drive begins. Each year I am ambivalent. Should I give or not? How much? How often? read more

Top 12 Fundraising Ideas

Looking for new ways to raise money for your child's school? Try one of these winning ideas, suggested – and tested – by our readers. Please share your own ideas in the comments section below so that other parents can learn some tips and tricks for their fundraisers! read more