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Teacher Appreciation Week: 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child's Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week is at the beginning of May. Show your child's teacher how much they are appreciated with these 10 ways to celebrate.
teacher appreciation week gift ideas

Your child's teacher pours their heart and soul into your child every day. Show them how much you appreciate all their hard work this Teacher Appreciation Week! Here are the top ways you can celebrate your child's teacher during the first week in May.

1. Take Over

Teacher Appreciation Week Classroom

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Give your child's teacher a little break by coming in to read to the class. You may choose to read your favorite book (or your child's) and do a follow-up activity. Or, make arrangements ahead of time with the teacher to read something connected to the classroom curriculum. Not only will this give your child's teacher a much needed break, it will also help you appreciate them so much more.

2. Send in a Note

Teacher Appreciation Week Note

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A heartfelt thank you note goes a long way in expressing your gratitude for your child's teacher. Make it personal by including something specific the teacher has gone out of their way to do for your child, such as helping them make friends or offering extra reading help.


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3. Involve Your Kids

Teacher Appreciation Week Child Involvement

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Get your child involved in writing their teacher a thank-you note. Ask your child what things their teacher does that are really special and have them write those things down. Make the note even more special by adding a few hand-drawn pictures from your child.

4. Make a DIY Gift

Teacher Appreciation Week Homemade Gift

Photo source: Shari's Berries

Anyone can send in a gift card, but an extra-special DIY gift really shows your teacher how much you care. Try to think of things that your child's teacher will really get some use out of, and that won't just sit on a shelf collecting dust. Do they like to garden? Give them a cute package including a packet of seeds

5. Involve the Classroom

Teacher Appreciation Week Classroom Involvement

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A group effort always makes a big impact. Check in with the class parents and try to set up a day where each of the children brings in something special for the teacher, such as a flower or handmade note. Or, have the parents take turns to bring them a special treat, such as their favorite coffee in the morning or delivering their favorite lunch.

6. Mobilize the PTA

Teacher Appreciation Week PTA Involvement

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If your school has a PTA or other parent organization, use their help to organize a special breakfast or lunch for all of the teachers and staff. Ask parents as well as local businesses to donate goods and services to keep costs down.

7. Donate Classroom Supplies

Teacher Appreciation Week Supply Donation Drive

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Most teachers pay for their own classroom supplies out of pocket, such as chalk, paper, stickers, and books. Donate your own supplies or organize a donation drive with other class parents. Or give your child's teacher a gift card to help them purchase all the little extras needed in the classrooms.

8. Plant a Tree

Teacher Appreciation Week Tree Planting

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Ask the school board to see if you can plant a tree or flowers in honor of your child's teacher on school grounds. Then, gather the class parents and all of the students to hold a special honorary tree planting.

9. Connect With Old Students

Teacher Appreciation Week Former Students

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Teachers want to know that what they do makes a difference in their students' lives. Reach out to old students of your child's teacher and ask them to come in and talk to their old teacher about the impact they made on their their lives even once they left the classroom.

10. Get Your Child's Opinions

Teacher Appreciation Week Smiling Teacher and Student

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Talk to your child about ways they can show their appreciation for their teacher. Kids can come up with some of the best and most creative ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week because they know their teachers best.

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