• Entertainment and Activities
    Nature Art
    Flower Press
    Flower PressMaterials Heavy cardboard or plywood Flat coffee filters String or wide elastic Directions First make the flower-press out of the cardboard or plywood. Cut two pieces twelve inches square. Place one on top of the other to make sure th...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Nature Art
    Pressed Flower Card
    Pressed Flower CardMaterials Heavy paper Glue Tweezers Pressed flowers Felt tips Ruler Directions Collect flowers from your yard, park, forest, roadside, or neighborhood. Make sure you only take a few and never take a flower if there is only one ...
  • baby holding flower
    Choosing a Name
    Bloomin' Baby Names: Top 12 Flower-Inspired Names for Girls
    While celebrities like Meg Ryan and Ben Affleck have recently popularized naming babies after blooms, it's far from a new trend. Some flower-inspired baby names date back hundreds of years, and they seem to have staying power due to their natural...
    Erin Dower
  • Caring for a Living Christmas Tree
    Christmas Tree
    Living Christmas Tree
    Living Christmas TreeMaterials Small or dwarf fir tree Large clay pot Potting soil Directions Go to your local nursery and select a tree that can be used as a Christmas tree—pine, fir, spruce, redwood, cedar, or hemlock. Plant your tree in a lar...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Nature Art
    Dried Flowers
    Dried FlowersDrying flowers is a wonderful way for your child to enjoy their beauty all year long. Materials Variety of flowers Florist's foam (optional) Rubber bands or string Vase or pot Coat hangers Directions Choose a variety of flowers to dr...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book
  • General Science Printables
    Eyewitness Plant Printables
    This printable set supports Eyewitness: Plant, from the DK Eyewitness Series. It contains two scavenger hunts (one for the book and one for the video), a wordsearch with relevant vocabulary, and a plant-related creative writing assignment. ...
  • Science Printables
    Traveling Seeds Worksheet
    A worksheet that goes with the "Traveling Seeds" lesson. ...
  • AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Could Be Healthy
    AAP Says Interactive Screen Time Can Be Healthy
    When it comes to screen time and kids, it isn't all bad news. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers guidelines on how to make screen time healthy and educational.
    Curious World
  • Drawing and Painting Printables
    Tree Pattern
    Use this evergreen tree pattern . ...
  • Science Printables
    Food for Your State
    will pretend to be farmers who must decide which new crops would be suitable to grow. ...
  • Science Printables
    Traveling Seeds Worksheet
    A worksheet that goes with the "Traveling Seeds" lesson. ...
  • School and Learning
    Fall Crafts and Activities
    Leaves, Trees, and Water Temperature
    Leaves, Trees, and Water TemperatureAn Imagination Station Activity from KinderArt Age: All agesTime: 15 to 30 minutesType of Activity: Art Materials: Fallen leaves Paints and brushes Crayons Markers Paper Glue Pencils Scrapbook (optional) What...
    Andrea Mulder-Slater
  • Addition and Subtraction Printables
    Counting Leaves and Acorns
    practice adding and counting leaves and acorns. ...
  • General Science Printables
    Plant Cells
    A detailed color diagram of a plant cell. ...
  • General Science Printables
    Growing Jelly Beans
    are asked to make predictions about what will grow from "seeds" they plant. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Memorial Day
    Frozen Flowers
    Frozen Flowers The nice thing about a break in the weather that occurs around Memorial Day is the beginning of the growing season. You can celebrate the gift of flowers in your life by making these unique floral arrangements that are “frozen...
  • Fact Monster, a safe space for kids to find homework help
    Fact Monster - a safe online educational space for kids

    Are you worried about your kids being online? Fact Monster is a KidSafe-certified site for your kids to get homework help, play games and watch educational videos. Check it out...and give Same Game a try yourself!

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    Family Education
  • General Science Printables
    Baby Beans
    grow lima beans to find out about stages of growth in plants. ...