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    Great Inventions from Great Minds Quiz
    See how much you know about who created what great inventions. ...
    Beth Rowen
  • Word Searches Printables
    Things with Wheels Word Search
    Look across and down to find the words in this word search. ...
  • Word Scrambles Printables
    Inventions of the Millennium Word Scramble
    This printable word scramble contains the names of some of the twentieth century's most notable inventions. ...
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    Inventions We'd Rather Not See
    Inventions We'd Rather Not See Required: Your time only The world of science and engineering brings us all kinds of great and useless things. But what about the truly useless or silly things that haven't been invented yet? Here are some ideas to...
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    Young Inventor Needs More Resources
    Our expert suggests a number of resources for a budding inventor, including finding a mentor for the child. ...
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    First Flight
    A High-Flying Timeline
    A High-Flying TimelineWhat a trip -- from the Wright brothers' first, 12-second flight to the latest launch of the Space Shuttle! Take this aviation tour with your kids. Share your own memories and lay the groundwork for future lofty discussions....