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Family Disaster Plan

Family Disaster PlanIf you live in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, your family should have a plan in case of emergency. Keep a written plan and share your plan with other friends or family. Here are some steps for creating your family's disaster plan:Discuss the type of hazards that could affect your family. Know your home's vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and more

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane BEFORE Hurricanes can be dangerous killers. Learning the hurricane warning messages and planning ahead can reduce the chances of injury or major property damage.Plan an evacuation more

Hurricane Basics

Hurricane Basics What is a hurricane? The ingredients for a hurricane include a pre-existing weather disturbance, warm tropical oceans, moisture, and relatively light winds aloft. If the right conditions persist long enough, they can combine to produce the violent winds, incredible waves, torrential rains, and floods we associate with this more

Hurricane Quiz

Batten down the hatches! It's time to test your hurricane know-how. Take our more