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Going to College Close to Home

Here are some tips for dealing with the transition to a college that's close to home.

Going to College Close to Home

Going to college close to home might seem like less of an adjustment than going away to school, but it's still a big change. While you know the general area, the campus is a city all on its own and you'll have to adjust to it all the same. You'll be meeting tons of new people and making new friends, and will have to juggle new friendships with old friends who might be going to school at your college or one nearby.

Here are a few hints about dealing with the transition to college if it's close to home:

  • Make a special effort to meet new people and forge new friendships. It might be tempting to stick to your old group of friends, but it's important to make new connections as well.
  • Talk with your family and set expectations about coming home or them coming to visit you unannounced on a Friday night. Also, if you plan to come home to do laundry all the time, make sure your folks are okay with it.
  • Being familiar with the area surrounding your college has some great benefits – offer to show a few of your new friends around, take them to your favorite coffee shop or CD store, or just take a walk.
  • If you want to offer a friend to stay over at your family's house for Thanksgiving or winter break, ask your parents first. But this is a really nice gesture that many students who might not be able to fly home for the holidays will really appreciate.

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