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10 of The Coolest New School Supplies

These cute and trendy school supplies will liven up any desk or locker.
10 of The Coolest New School Supplies
Updated: December 1, 2022

Your kids can head back-to-school in style with these new awesome school supplies and accessories. Homework and lunchtime have never been so fun!

Mini Panda Stapler

10 coolest school supplies - panda stapler

Mini Panda Stapler

Use this neat-o, decorative panda stapler to keep your schoolwork organized, especially around finals time when it seems like there's an avalanche of work. Lightweight and compact, this Panda stapler comes equipped with mini staples, and you can always buy refills. Great for an office as well.

(Retail price: $6.99)

10 coolest school supplies - yoobitotally

Totally Rad Notebook (Mini)

Composition Books are generally black-and-white speckled. Bo-ring! Enter Yoobi, which carries a variety of colorful Composition Books, both traditional size (0.4" x 7.5" x 9.8") and mini (0.3" x 3.3" x 4.5"). Pictured here is the Totally Rad pattern in mini, which is sure to jazz up any student's day with its bright colors and patterns. College ruled. Bonus: Every Yoobi purchase you make helps provide school supplies to a child in need living in the U.S. It's a win-win. (Retail price: 99¢)

10 coolest school supplies omni lunch boxes


Gone are the days of carrying your lunch in a clunky, cartoon-themed lunchbox! One new style to consider is the OmieBox, a hot/cold Bento lunchbox designed to help kids eat better at school. OmieBox has two temperature zones, so parents can pack a hot entrée in the insulated thermos, alongside cool fruits and veggies, and everything will still be the perfect temperature when lunch time rolls around. (Thermos is removeable) Available in a variety of colors. (Retail price: $39.50)

Personalized Emoji Sticky Notes

10 coolest school supplies - emoji sticky note pad

Personalized Sticky Memo Cube

Kids can keep their school notes extra-organized by using stickies. So, what better than sticky notes that happen to be personalized with your child's name? The Stationery Studio's Blue Warhol Emoji Memo Cube is adorned with happy emoji faces and looks adorable on any desk. Each self stick memo pad measures 3 3/8" square and has 675 sheets. Personalized on all 4 sides. (Retail price: $29.50)

ZIPIT Drawing Artist Kid's Backpack

10 coolest school supplies - zipit backpack

ZIPIT Drawing Artist Kid's Backpack

This colorful backpack is great for the young, budding artist in your life who just loves to doodle and color the day away. (When they're not in class, of course!) Made of durable polyester and PVC, this backpack comes with one large interior compartment, one medium sized exterior pocket with a zipper closure, and two elasticized smaller pockets on either side. The storage compartments distributes weight evenly for added back safety. Plus, the design itself is unique; each backpack in ZIPIT's Adventure backpack collection features a one-of-a-kind print to inspire one's next adventure. Measures 13.39" x 7.87" x 16.73." Ages 5+ and available at Target. (Retail price: $19.99)

Kate Spade New York Tackle Box

10 coolest school supplies - tackle box

Kate Spade New York Tackle Box

Makes a great gift for an older child entering high school or college. This compact, acrylic school supply box includes binder clips, note pads (including sticky), magnets, paper clips, a pencil, and more. It makes any study nook extra cozy and the accessories are neutral, sleek colors, which is nice for an older student seeking a classier look when it comes to desktop must-haves. (Retail Price: $38)

Birdie by Olika

10 coolest school supplies - olika bird hand sanitizer

Birdie By Olika

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's really a super sleek-looking hand sanitizer. This chicky contains a spray in the "beak" area, plus dry wipes stored at the bottom of the birdie, for additional cleaning. With soothing essential oils and nourishing aloe vera, Birdie's natural formula quickly cleanses the hands and leaves them feeling refreshed. Simply spray the liquid on to the wipe to create a fresh towelette on-the-go. Fast Company called this birdie "the world's most beautiful hand sanitizer," and we can't deny it. Toss it into any purse or bookbag and off you go. Available in 3 colors. (Retail price: $8.99 each)

Beeswax Crayons

10 coolest school supplies - beeswax crayons

Beeswax Crayons

Most kids have crayons listed on their school supply list, especially if they're entering Kindergarten or First Grade. There's tons of crayons on the market, but these 12 beeswax ones from Faber-Castell come in a sturdy storage case, encourage a soft stroke, and color real smooth on paper. Why not be different? For ages 3+. A must-have for young artists! (Retail price: $5.49)

Dinosaur Lunch Box

10 coolest school supplies - dinosaur lunch box

Dinosaur Lunch Box

This is a cool way to carry your lunch--especially if your child is obsessed with dinosaurs! The dino-mouth opens to hold snacks, small toys, whatever you want. Have we mentioned it also looks really Roar-some? Your kid will be the talk of the town with this cool carrier. Comes with a durable strap to keep the mouth closed when not in use. Made of solid plastic, this dino-case is also easy to clean. Distributed by Apollo. (Retail price: $35)


10 coolest school supplies - image lock


This a fun reinvention of the classic lock combination that replaces numbers with pictures on the dial. So, instead of opening a lock with a three-number sequence such as, "21-42-7," a user may now turn through a set of icons such as "Cat-Heart-Umbrella". Those who struggle with memorizing number sequences may really benefit from such a practical product. There are two types of ImageLocks currently available: One ImageLOCK consists of 8 different images; the other type of ImageLOCK consist of 12 different images. Pick the more traditional style, or one that can also be opened with a small key--just don't lose the key! (Retail prices: $3.25 - $4.50; depending on color and inclusion of key.)


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