popular topics in astronomy

  • School and Learning
    Constellations Quiz
    Test your knowledge of the stars in the night sky. ...
    Holly Hartman
  • lunamars
    Moons of the Solar System
    There are more than 140 known moons throughout our solar system. Most are barren rock, while some have atmospheres, volcanoes, and maybe even oceans of liquid water or methane. Follow this slideshow to learn more about the moons of our solar syst...
    Mark Hughes
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    Science Projects
    Build A Mars Colony
    Build A Mars ColonyYour children are in charge of planning for a Mars Colony. Their mission?To insure the colony's success by bringing along enough supplies andtools to create a self-sufficient outpost of human civilization. The missioncan be a g...
    Dennis Randall
  • School and Learning
    Summer Solstice
    Good Day, Sunshine! The Summer Solstice Quiz
    Just what do they mean by the longest day, anyway? Test your solstice know-how. ...
  • School and Learning
    Vernal Equinox
    Vernal Equinox Quiz
    The vernal equinox marks the beginning of spring. Find out what else you know about this extraterrestrial event! ...
  • School and Learning
    Leap Year
    Quiz: Take the Leap!
    Thirty days hath September . . . but what's the deal with February? Take our quiz! ...
  • Teach Kids About the Solar System with this Dance
    Solar System
    Space Dance
    Space DanceMaterials Balls or balloons Electronic music (e. g., The Planets by Horst) Directions For this activity, children represent the sun, moon, and planets, and imagine they are in space above and around the Earth. Using balls or balloons ...
  • School and Learning
    Mars Primer Quiz
    How much do you know about our planetary neighbor Mars? Take our quiz and find out. ...
  • School and Learning
    International Space Station
    International Space Station Quiz
    When it comes to the International Space Station, are you a space cadet or a Captain Kirk? ...
  • School and Learning
    Winter Solstice
    No Sun for You! The Winter Solstice Quiz
    We're seeing less and less of the sun these days. Do you know why? Take our quiz. ...
  • Connect the Dots Printables
    Rocket Dot-to-Dot
    Are you ready for a ride to outer space? Connect the dots to find out. ...
  • School and Learning
    Winter Solstice
    Winter Solstice Traditions Quiz
    Take this quiz and shed some light on how different cultures celebrated the shortest day of the year. ...
  • School and Learning
    John Glenn in Outer Space
    How much do you know about John Glenn? Take this quiz -- you may learn a few things about this famous astronaut. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Science Activities
    Nighttime Binoculars
    Nighttime Binoculars Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 20 minutes Materials: 2 toilet paper tubes 4 large rubber bands 2 squares clear plastic wrap or tinted cellophane Crayons Star-shaped stickers (o...
  • Sundial,craft
    Nature Activities
    Make a Sundial
    Make a SundialMaterials 12 inch by 12 inch piece of heavy card stock Block of wood Thumb tacks Directions An old way to tell the time was to use the sun and the shadows it cast. You can make a sundial to put in your backyard that will tell you w...
  • Word Scrambles Printables
    Planets Word Scramble
    Unscramble the letters and find the names of all nine planets in our solar system. ...
  • Word Searches Printables
    Star Search: An Astronomy Word Search
    Where can you find the big dipper and a moon beam? Try our word search. The answer key is attached. ...
  • Teaching Kids about Astronomy with a Telescope
    Science Activities
    All About Astronomy
    All About AstronomyMaterials Book on star constellations Directions Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, and other objects that make up the universe. Astronomers observe the sky and also ask questions like, "What are stars made of?" and "Ho...