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    7th Grade Milestones and Obstacles
    A Typical Seventh Grader
    A Typical Seventh GraderWhere They AreThe average twelve-year-old is entering the stage in between childish and mature behavior. He:Is spirited and enthusiastic.Can "stay put" longer and exercise self-control.Develops a growing sense of intuition...
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    Holding Your Child Back
    Retention in Seventh Grade
    Retention is rarely the best solution in seventh grade. Learn some other solutions in this article. ...
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    Dyslexia and the Middle-Schooler
    Dyslexia and the Middle-SchoolerBy the time middle school rolls around, most dyslexic students understand they're different from the rest of the pack. Many become anxious or defensive and their self-esteem can plummet. Now's the time for parents ...
    Betsy Van Dorn