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7th Grade

Discover what's going on in your seventh grader's classroom, and learn how you can encourage his development at home. Significant transitions take place over the course of seventh grade. Find out how your child is progressing in middle school, both academically and socially.

Changing Land

Examine the effects of wind and water erosion. read more


Use this sheet for examples of circles that are divided into fractional units. read more

Circular Geoboard

This printable sheet contains a ready-to-use circular geoboard. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cone. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cube. read more


Use this pattern to construct a cylinder. read more

Do You Know What Your Seventh Grader Should Know?

Will your child study sociology or U.S. history this year? Find out with this quiz. read more

Dyslexia and the Middle-Schooler

Dyslexia and the Middle-SchoolerBy the time middle school rolls around, most dyslexic students understand they're different from the rest of the pack. Many become anxious or defensive and their self-esteem can plummet. Now's the time for parents to provide those extra hugs and words of praise for things well done -- children are always more successful when they feel competent and beloved. read more

Failing Seventh-Grader

Read what this expert suggests to the concerned parent of a failing seventh-grader. read more

Food for Your State

Children will pretend to be farmers who must decide which new crops would be suitable to grow. read more

Formulas for Perimeter, Area, and Volume

Page of diagrams and formulas for finding the perimeter, area, and volume of geometric shapes. read more

Have You Done Your Homework?

Everyone has to do homework . . . but what do you really know about it? Take this quiz to find out. read more

Hexagonal Prism

Use this pattern to construct hexagonal prism. read more

Middle School Math Quiz

Your middle-schooler will have to solve these kinds of math problems to pass the state tests. read more

Pascal's Triangles

Use a printable that contains ready-to-use Pascal's triangles. read more

Providing Reading Help to a Teen

Recognizing a reading problem is the first step -- finding the right help is the next one. read more

Retention in Seventh Grade

Retention is rarely the best solution in seventh grade. Learn some other solutions in this article. read more

Seventh-Grader Can't Bring Grades Up

Seventh grade is a very tough transition year, and often students and their parents have to change the way they approach studying. read more

Seventh-Grader Stopped Doing His Homework

It is common for kids -- especially seventh graders -- to get overwhelmed by homework and to quit. read more

Seventh-Grader Won't Turn in Homework

The only way any of us learn is through experience and tough consequences. Unfortunately, some kids have to experience the consequences. read more

Seventh-Grader's Trouble with Reading

Here is an expert's advice to a seventh-grader who is struggling with reading. read more

Summer Reading Guide: Grades 6-8

Print this reading guide full of great books for children in grades 6-8 to read this summer. Find more reading guides for grades K-2 and grades 3-5. read more

Triangular Prism

Use this pattern to construct a triangular prism. read more

Unmonitored Seventh-Grader Needs Support

When parents' work schedules make them unavailable to their child, a big brother, a mentor, or an after-school program can provide support. read more