popular topics in 6th grade

  • School and Learning
    6th Grade Milestones and Obstacles
    Do You Know What Your Sixth Grader Should Know?
    Will he study economics, or world history and geography this year? Find out with this quiz. ...
  • School and Learning
    Homework Philosophies
    Have You Done Your Homework?
    Everyone has to do homework . . . but what do you really know about it? Take this quiz to find out. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin
    Cast Your Treasure in Plastic Resin Handiwords A catalyst is a substance that causes or accelerates a chemical reaction without being permanently affected by the reaction. Crafty Clues When you're working with resin casting, make sure that you...
  • School and Learning
    8th Grade Math Tests
    Middle School Math Quiz
    Your middle-schooler will have to solve these kinds of math problems to pass the state tests. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Marvelous Mosaics
    Marvelous Mosaics There are several mediums that create unique mosaic effects. You can use decorative pieces embedded in plaster, cement, or grout. Or you could use adhesives to glue colorful plastic pieces onto a glass object to make a stained-...
  • General Math Printables
    Home Activities: Probability
    FutureFit Extension Activity Investigate Substitute the game of Tic Tac Toe for the card draw model example in the worksheet, and have students use the formulas in the worksheet to calculate on a move-by-move basis how likely Xs or Os are to win ...
  • 6th Grade Activity Guide
    Math Printables
    Sixth Grade Summer Learning Guide: Get Ready for Back-to-School
    Prepare for the sixth-grade school year with this guide of fun and educational activities for summer learning. Included in this packet is a list of suggestions for books to read over the summer, geography skill-builders, genetics worksheets, me...
  • Doorknob Letter Sign Activity for Kids
    Making Signs
    Letter Door Sign
    Letter Door SignMaterials White and black paper Colored pen Metallic pen (optional) White chalk Directions You are going to make a sign to hang on your door using the first letter of your name or your entire name. Be as creative as you can desig...
  • Personal Poster Art Activity
    Drawing and Painting
    "All About Me" Poster
    "All About Me" PosterMaterials Large piece poster board (any color) Scissors Glue stick Glitter Photographs Magazines Directions Look through photographs or magazines for things you like or that describe you. Cut them out and arrange them on the ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Nature Art
    Pressed Flower Card
    Pressed Flower CardMaterials Heavy paper Glue Tweezers Pressed flowers Felt tips Ruler Directions Collect flowers from your yard, park, forest, roadside, or neighborhood. Make sure you only take a few and never take a flower if there is only one ...
  • School and Learning
    6th Grade Homework
    Sixth-Grade Homework
    Homework can increase dramatically in sixth grade. Here's what you should do. ...
  • Family Life
    Aerobic Exercise
    Aerobic Dance
    Aerobic DanceMaterials Music player and cassette, or CD, or radio Directions Aerobic dance is an enjoyable and energetic way to get fit. Choose some music that has a good clear beat and is rhythmic. The music you choose should last from 10 to 20...
  • School and Learning
    Performing Arts Rehearsal
    Performing Arts RehearsalDirections Rehearsals of different kinds are going on all the time in most towns and cities. If you are interested in ballet, music, singing, plays, jazz, mime, children's theatre, or any other performing art, you can as...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Paper Crafts
    Paper Beads
    Paper BeadsMaterials Paper—construction paper, wallpaper or magazine pages Round toothpicks or nails Glue String or yarn Shellac, paint, or felt tip markers Directions Begin by cutting the paper into straight and triangular strips. The width, ...
  • School and Learning
    6th Grade Milestones and Obstacles
    A Typical Sixth Grader
    A Typical Sixth GraderWhere They AreThe average eleven-year-old is heading towards adolescence. He:Shows more self-assertion and curiosity.Is socially expansive and aware.Is physically exuberant, restless, wiggly, and talks a lot.Has a range and ...
  • Kids
    Earning Money
    Tie-Dyed T-Shirts
    Tie-Dyed T-ShirtsMaterials Fabric dyes in assorted colors Large plastic tubs Wooden spoons Plain white T-shirts in several sizes Strong rubber bands Directions Mix the dyes according to the directions on the packets. Use a separate tub for each...
  • School and Learning
    Transition to Middle School
    Middle School: New Challenges, New Solutions
    Middle School: New Challenges, New SolutionsWhen Chris started middle school, I attended an orientation for incoming parents where I was handed a flyer called, "Easing Your Child's Transition to Middle School." I hand it out now myself in my pare...
  • School and Learning
    Children and Music
    Toss-Up Topics
    Toss-Up TopicsDirections The more players in this game, the better! Before you play, learn the Tossup Topics jingle and its rhythmic accompaniment:  (slap knees)  (clap hands)  (snap left hand)  (snap right hand)  Toss-  up  Top-  ics  A...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book