Week 12 of Pregnancy

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Yawning, arms and legs waving-your baby is on the go and you can actually see it happening. Most women have their first scan this week, and it's the big thrill of the first trimester. Up until now, you may have preferred to keep your pregnancy a precious secret. After the scan, you'll probably feel more confident about making an announcement, especially when you have the photos to prove there's really something happening!

You are 11 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant

Your baby todayAlthough on a scan it might look as though the baby is resting on her back, the fluid in the amniotic sac means that she is floating in a near weightless environment and can easily move into any position within the uterus. read more

You are 11 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayThis image shows the yolk sac at the 12 o'clock position with the placenta seen as a thickening to the lining of the uterus on the left. The baby is in the lower part of the uterus and is positioned lying on her back. read more

You are 11 Weeks and 3 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayAs the baby floats in the amniotic fluid, her limbs are now more fully developed, allowing her to make many movements. The lips and fingers-which are now completely separated-stimulate sensory feelings. read more

You are 11 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayThe fetus can be seen inside the uterus on this color ultrasound scan. At this stage of development, the fetus measures approximately 2.4 in (6 cm) crown to rump and weighs around 0.3 oz (10 g). read more

You are 11 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayAt this stage the eye-not yet in its final position-still dominates the appearance of the face. The eye is not yet responsive to light and remains well protected behind the covering eyelid. read more

You are 11 Weeks and 6 Days Pregnant

Your baby todayThe bones of the front of the skull have continued to expand and cover the head, protecting the delicate brain structures beneath. The soft spot in between the skull bones (center) remains through pregnancy and into babyhood. read more

You are 12 Weeks Exactly Pregnant

Your baby todayHere the legs are crossed and the arms outstretched. The umbilical cord is short and thick at this stage, but will lengthen as the baby grows, and become much thinner with many coils. read more