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First trimester weeks

Congrats! During the first trimester, you’re getting used to the idea of being pregnant.

Second trimester weeks

As you enter this second trimester, your body will settle down to pregnancy.

Third trimester weeks

You've reached the third and final trimester and will be heavily pregnant by now.

Week 12 of Pregnancy

An important milestone is passed as the first trimester ends.
Yawning, arms and legs waving-your baby is on the go and you can actually see it happening. Most women have their first scan this week, and it's the big thrill of the first trimester. Up until now, you may have preferred to keep your pregnancy a precious secret. After the scan, you'll probably feel more confident about making an announcement, especially when you have the photos to prove there's really something happening!

11 Weeks, 1 Day

202 days to go...

ultrasound of human fetus at 11 weeks and 1 day

Your baby today

Although on a scan it might look as though the baby is resting on her back, the fluid in the amniotic sac means that she is floating in a near weightless environment and can easily move into any position within the uterus.

In this final week of your first trimester, you'll probably have your first ultrasound scan and see your baby for the first time.

You and your partner have reached an exciting milestone. You'll have your first ultrasound around now and see your baby; this may help you feel closer to her. For many men, seeing the baby on the scan may be the first time the pregnancy becomes a reality.

At this scan, your baby's length will be measured (see You are 11 Weeks and 2 Days) and this will be used to figure out her age. Up until about 12 weeks of pregnancy, all babies grow at around the same rate so irrespective of whether you and your partner are tall or short, at this time your baby will be the same size as others at this stage of development.

Figuring out your due date (see When will your baby be born?) using the first day of your period, isn't always accurate, especially if your menstrual cycle is long or irregular. The dating scan can give a more accurate expected date of delivery, but it by no means tells you for certain-very few babies arrive on their actual due date.

You may be given a printout of your baby. Don't be surprised to find yourself looking at it again, and again, and again! It's also a great way to share the news with others.

Focus On... Dads

It's really happening!

As a dad-to-be, going to your first scan will be a time of great excitement, but you may be anxious too. It's normal for you and your partner to wonder if your baby is okay and be desperate to hear that all is well.

The first scan may seem quite technical since it is used to detect your baby's heartbeat and take some measurements, but it's also very emotional. In reality, the first scan gives you the first look at this new life. It lets you see your baby moving around, with legs kicking and arms flailing, even though your partner can't feel these movements yet.

Perhaps, as a man, the biggest shock of the scan is the fact that it confronts you for the first time with the physical evidence that your baby really exists. Your partner is likely to be more used to the idea of pregnancy, because she's carrying the baby, but the scan will make the pregnancy much more real to you, and you may be surprised at how emotional you feel.

11 Weeks, 1 Day

202 days to go...

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