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First trimester weeks

Congrats! During the first trimester, you’re getting used to the idea of being pregnant.

Second trimester weeks

As you enter this second trimester, your body will settle down to pregnancy.

Third trimester weeks

You've reached the third and final trimester and will be heavily pregnant by now.

Week 12 of Pregnancy

An important milestone is passed as the first trimester ends.
Yawning, arms and legs waving-your baby is on the go and you can actually see it happening. Most women have their first scan this week, and it's the big thrill of the first trimester. Up until now, you may have preferred to keep your pregnancy a precious secret. After the scan, you'll probably feel more confident about making an announcement, especially when you have the photos to prove there's really something happening!

11 Weeks, 5 Days

198 days to go...

Your baby today

At this stage the eye-not yet in its final position-still dominates the appearance of the face. The eye is not yet responsive to light and remains well protected behind the covering eyelid.

Having your first scan this week and knowing your risk of miscarriage is reduced now, should mean you can start to relax.

This can be a very positive time for you, especially if you've been anxious from day one of your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage falls as your pregnancy progresses and by the end of this 12th week, it's no more than 1 percent.

As you enter the second trimester, you should begin to feel better (see You are 11 Weeks and 6 Days), and this, combined with the knowledge that you have passed the most risky time, may help you relax. If you've been keeping your pregnancy a secret, you can also enjoy telling others.

Ask A... Nutritionist

I have a really sweet tooth. Is it okay to indulge this while I'm pregnant?

While occasional treats of cookies or chocolate are fine, processed foods usually contain hidden fats and sugars and provide few nutrients, so it's best to try to find healthier sweet alternatives to snack on, such as fresh fruit.

Always read food labels and look for alternative foods containing less fat and less added sugars. Just as you would consider carefully how you feed your child, you should take care of yourself in the same way while you're pregnant.

One of the best ways to curb your sweet tooth is to eat regular meals. This helps to steady your blood-sugar level and reduce sweet cravings. Try not to go longer than three hours without eating and, if you're hungry, have a healthy snack between meals, such as a chicken sandwich, a low-fat yogurt, or fruit, which can be fresh, canned, or dried, such as raisins or apricots.

Try to drink about two quarts of water a day, since perceived hunger is often really dehydration. Drinking a glass or two of water may stop you from reaching for the cookie jar.

Focus On... Safety

Safe scans

Ultrasound has been used for years and is thought to be safe. Children who've been exposed to prenatal ultrasound do not have differences in speech, hearing, vision, or school performance, or an increased risk of cancer. However, ultrasound should only be done when necessary.

As A Matter Of Fact

Medical ultrasound has been used since the early 1960s.

However, the first discovery of high-frequency echo-sounding techniques, on which ultrasound is based, was as long ago as 1880 in Paris. In the early 20th century, ultrasound was used as a therapy tool and it was not until the 1940s that research began into its use as a diagnostic tool.

11 Weeks, 5 Days

198 days to go...

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