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Preparing for a Baby in a Digital World

FE Writer and Expert HeHe Stewart just launched the Birth Lounge, an online space for expecting parents to prepare for their birth. Here are the features and benefits, plus a free month trial.
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Updated: September 8, 2023
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Preparing for a baby deserves so much attention and dedicated time to planning for your tiny human, but where do you find the time? Between work, paying the bills, walking the dog, and the occasional social call, where do you squeeze in childbirth education classes and creating a birth plan? Maybe the anxiety of preparing is what’s holding you back. Regardless of what is preventing you from preparing for your birth experience, we have the ultimate solution! 

The Birth Lounge is an online space for expecting parents to prepare for their birth! HeHe Stewart, Founder and CEO of Tranquility by HeHe Maternity Concierge, saw that there were increasing number of moms walking away with birth trauma that she considered to be otherwise avoidable so she set out to create a revolutionary approach to helping women prepare for their tiny human from the comfort of their own home. 

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A study published in the The Journal of Perinatal Education showed that traditional childbirth education classes are failing our birthing people. More and more women are experiencing manipulation and trauma while giving birth, and HeHe believes this can be avoided with the proper preparation and education. The Birth Lounge is designed to avoid birth trauma. If what we are doing isn’t working, why not make changes?

What is it?

The Birth Lounge is an online dashboard that steps you through preparing for a baby. It’s designed to help women navigate birth in a medical setting while avoiding birth trauma, and the ultimate goal is to educate women on the choices and options they have during labor and delivery. In The Birth Lounge, you will find a community of women in various stages of pregnancy and postpartum so you are never alone. It’s guaranteed that someone in the lounge has been where you are or is experiencing similar things, giving you a squad of women to ask for advice, or maybe just commiserate with in the aches and pains of pregnancy! There will be resources for all things pregnancy like prenatal tests, newborn exams, preparing for a VBAC, recovering from a cesarean, and understanding various induction methods. You will also find live trainings throughout the month on topics like breastfeeding, creating a birth plan, controlling the energy in your birth room, and how to advocate for your birth preferences. Along with the trainings and live calls, you have access to The Lounge Files with your concierge key. The Lounge Files hold resources for anything a new parent needs like the best apps for new parents, returning to work after baby, supporting your baby’s development, introducing solids, all the way through potty training.  

Who should join?

Any expectant parent who is interested in taking control of their birth experience, but want to do so from the leisure of their couch at any hour. The Birth Lounge will seamlessly fit into your schedule, no matter what that looks like. It is best to join between 3 and 6 months of pregnancy, but it is never too late to begin preparing for the baby. Plus, there’s so much postpartum support in the lounge to take advantage of! You will gain an immediate all-access membership to the lounge (no dripped content!) and it is a self-paced program with regular check-in’s from the lounge team to ensure you are being supported exactly to your liking all along the way.  

Why do you need it?

You don’t! You don’t need anything to have your baby except what you already possess. At Tranquility by Hehe, we truly believe that the power is already inside of you. However, there are still massive benefits to joining. The Birth Lounge will give you the tools to harness that power and take control of your birth experience. It will also give you a community to walk through this new space of life with, to lean on in hard moments, and to celebrate the wins, big and small. It steps you through the tricky parts of labor and delivery so you can remain in control throughout the entire process. It gives you the tools necessary to advocate for yourself and avoid birth trauma. 

The Birth Lounge is transforming the way people have babies by helping you prepare for birth, by busting through the fear and anxiety, and by instantly connecting you to a village of other parents just like you. You can learn more about the birth lounge here! Checkout with this link and receive one month free! This is an exclusive offer for Family Education readers. 

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