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75 Beachy Names for Your Summer Baby

Summer babies are sunny and sweet. These beachy names for girls and boys are inspired by the sun, sand, and ocean.
75 Beachy Names for Your Summer Baby
Updated: August 5, 2022

Do you love everything to do with the beach? The water, sand, and fun? Well, if you find yourself stumped on the perfect name for your little one, look no further. Below we have the best baby names for summer. These names are beachy, breezy, and beautiful! 

There are baby boy names, baby girl names, and even unique gender-neutral name options for your little beach bum. We found lots of name inspiration for names from surfer culture to tropical vacation destinations. 

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Hopefully, you will find the perfect beach name for your brand new summer baby! 

Beachy Boy Names and Meanings 

  1. Alon - Filipino origin, means “wave.”
  2. Arnav - Indian origin, means “ocean.”
  3. August - Latin origin, means “great.” It is also the name of one of the most popular months of the summer to visit the beach.
  4. Caspian - English origin, inspired by the Caspian Sea located between Europe and Asia.
  5. Cove - English origin, means “small coastal inlet.”
  6. Cruz - Spanish origin, means “cross.” It comes from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA.
  7. Deniz - Turkish origin, means “sea.”
  8. Dover - Celtic and Welsh origin, means “the waters.” Dover Beach is located in Kent, England.
  9. Finn - Irish origin, means “fair.” This name is inspired by fish fins.
  10. Glan - Welsh origin, means “from the shore.”
  11. Hali - A Greek name that means “the sea.”
  12. Hurley - Irish origin, means “sea tide.”
  13. Irving - English and Scottish origin, means “green river.”
  14. Jafar - Arabic origin, means “wave or stream of water.”
  15. Kent - Celtic for “edge” and English for “high;” also the name of a seaport city in England.
  16. Lachlan - Irish origin, means “from the land of lakes.”
  17. Lir - Old Irish origin, means “sea.” It is also the name of a sea God in Irish mythology.
  18. Mario - This name has several meanings and origins including Hebrew for “of the sea.”
  19. Maury - Latin origin, means “sea channel.”
  20. Murdoch - Irish and Scottish origin, means “sea warrior.”
  21. Murphy - Gaelic origin, means “sea warrior.”
  22. Oceanus - Latin origin, means “of the ocean.”
  23. Ross - Scottish origin, means “peninsula.”
  24. Ryukyu - This is the name of a chain of Islands in Japan.
  25. Seaton - English origin, means “town by the sea.”
  26. Solomon - Hebrew origin, means “peace.” Time at the beach is considered relaxing and peaceful.
  27. Wade - English origin, means “at the river crossing.”
  28. Zale - Greek origin, means “sea strength.”

Summer Girl Names and Meanings 

Summer Girl Names and Meanings
  1. Ariel - Ariel is the main protagonist in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. It’s Hebrew for “lion of God.”
  2. Aquata - Latin origin, means “water.”
  3. Cali - Latin origin, means “beautiful.” This is a fun shortened version of California, the home of many beaches.
  4. Coral - Latin origin, means “sea growth.”
  5. Cordelia - Latin for “daughter of the sea” and Welsh for “jewel of the sea.”
  6. Darya - Persian and Russian origin, means “the sea.”
  7. Ginevra - Italian origin, means “white wave.”
  8. Hama - Japanese origin, means “beach” or “seashore.”
  9. Isla - Spanish origin, means “island.”
  10. Lana - Hawaiian origin, means “calm as still waters.”
  11. Malia - Hawaiian origin, means “bitter” or “of the sea.”
  12. Marina - Latin origin, means “from the sea.”
  13. Maris - Latin origin, means “of the sea.”
  14. Maya - Greek origin, means water. This Greek name is of one of the daughters of Atlas from Greek mythology and she was a sea nymph.
  15. Mira - Latin origin, means “peace” or “ocean.”
  16. Moana - Polynesian origin, means “vast body of water.” She is the title character of the Disney film Moana.
  17. Myrtle - This name is inspired by Myrtle Beach located in South Carolina.
  18. Naia - Greek origin, means “flowing” or “water nymph.” The “Naiads” were Greek goddesses of the freshwater that flows to the sea.
  19. Oceana - Greek origin, means “ocean.”
  20. Pearl - English origin, means “precious gemstone.” Pearls are found both in fresh water and salt water.
  21. Sandy - Greek origin, means “defender of men.” It is a great moniker for a girl if you love beaches and sand.
  22. Sedna - Native American Inuit origin, means “goddess of the sea.”
  23. Sereia - Portuguese origin, means “mermaid.”
  24. Shelly - English origin, means “from the ledge meadow.” This name is inspired by seashells you would find on the store at the beach.
  25. Summer - This is one of the four seasons, the most popular for visits to the beach.
  26. Ula - Celtic origin, means “gem of the sea.”
  27. Umiko - Japanese origin, means “child of the sea.”
  28. Varuna - Hindu origin, means “wife of the lord of the sea.”

Beachy Gender-Neutral Names and Meanings 

Beachy Gender-Neutral Names and Meanings
  1. Adrian - Latin origin, means “of the Adriatic Sea.”
  2. Bay - English origin, means “sea inlet.”
  3. Bondi - Bondi Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Sydney, Australia.
  4. Cayman - This name draws inspiration from the Caribbean Cayman Islands.
  5. Dorian - Greek, means “child of the sea.”
  6. Dylan - Welsh name that means “born of the ocean” or “son of the sea.”
  7. Jordan - Hebrew origin, means “to flow down.”
  8. Kai - Hawaiian origin, means “sea.”
  9. Kailani - A Hawaiian name that means “sea and sky.”
  10. Kawai - Hawaiian origin, means “coming from water.”
  11. Marlow - English origin, means “driftwood.”
  12. Morgan - Welsh origin, means “sea born.”
  13. Ray - English origin, means counsel. It’s the perfect name for your little “ray of sunshine.”
  14. Ridley - The Ridley sea turtle is the smallest sea turtle in the world.
  15. Rio - Spanish origin, means “river.” Copacabana Beach is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  16. Sailor - A German occupational name for a boat worker.
  17. Sunny - English origin, means “sunshine” or “happy temperament.”
  18. Sydney - English origin, means “wide meadow.” Sydney is a city in Australia with many beaches.
  19. Wave - English origin, means “arched form of water.”

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75 Beachy Names for Your Summer Baby



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