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Mormon Names

Members of the Mormon faith often create unusual names, like the ones listed here.

Mormon Names

Name Dropping

Many of the Mormon-created names might be too much for anyone who's not part of this particular religion, but the baby names from Utah are undeniably some of the most interesting out there. It's worth a look at the site just to give your brain a creativity boost, and you'll find some great interpretive spellings of more common names that you may never have dreamed of, such as Taeler (Taylor). It's also worth a shot if you've conjured up an unusual spelling and you want to compare it to other unusual spellings. Chances are it exists here.

Unusual names are becoming more commonplace no matter where you live, but you'll find some of the most unusual in, of all places, Utah. If you're a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or you've spent any time at all in Utah, this probably comes as no surprise to you, but to the uninitiated, the names that can be found here will really knock your socks off. Writer Cari Bilyeu Clark was perhaps the first person to make the connection between these unusual names and their Mormon heritage. Husband Wesley Clark expanded her research and developed an amazing Web site called The Utah Baby Namer that will tell you everything you need to know (and more) about Utah baby names.

While recent birth records in Utah reveal a somewhat standard mix of common and unusual names, the Clarks have culled some of the most bizarre on this Web site for prospective parents, Mormon and not, to peruse and use, should they choose.

Some of the unusual names you'll find here, either collected by the Clarks or contributed by others, include Fosi, Fotoh, Dixie, Demetrial, and L (yes, L) for boys; Najelly, Oscar, Pelenaise, Quenla, Ruger, and Tesla for girls.

The theory behind the creation of these names is based on the small amount of surnames in the Mormon population. Creating unusual first names is a good way for parents to give their children a way to distinguish themselves from others with the same last name.

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