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    Social and Emotional Development
    Top 10 Ways to Foster Your Child's Creativity
    By fostering creativity in your child, you can help her mature mentally, emotionally, and socially. As a child grows, her imagination is tamed by society's constricting rules, pressures, and do's and don'ts. Creative freedom is essential in helpi...
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    Teen Independence
    Preparing Your Child to Leave the Nest
    Preparing Your Child to Leave the Nest By the time a child is ready to move out of the house, either to college or to an apartment across town, it's important that she be prepared with the skills she will need. There are a number of basic areas ...
    Liz Casler
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    Printable Chore Chart
    Type in the date, chore descriptions, and names on this interactive chore chart printable to get kids involved in helping around the house. ...
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    Letting Go
    Are You an Overprotective Mother?
    Take this short quiz to see if you are an overprotective mother. ...
  • Teens
    Teen Maturity
    Is Your Child Ready to Leave the Nest?
    Your child may be old enough to live on her own, but is she truly ready? Take our quiz to find out whether she's prepared. ...
  • Kids
    Helping Your Child Overcome Common Obstacles
    Helping Your Child Overcome Common Obstacles Resilient children learn to overcome everyday obstacles by not fearing failure. Mistakes are not something to be afraid of; they only give you a chance to try again. Think of it this way: People need ...
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    How Rude! An Age-by-Age Guide to Teaching Kids Manners
    What's the path to good manners for your children? Get age-appropriate tips for raising polite children, from toddlers to teens, who behave well at the dinner table and beyond. ...
    Erin Dower
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    Activities That Foster Good Character
    Activities That Foster Good Character One of the best ways to foster good character is to attach a character trait to a goal your child has. When your child sees the value of the trait by seeing how it helps him obtain his goal, he will never f...
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    Instilling Values
    Fostering Your Child's Good Character
    Fostering Your Child's Good Character Your child needs to develop good character traits in order to gain respect and trust from those around him. When he has gained trust and respect from other people, including you, he will gain a sense of pr...
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    Instilling Values
    Establishing Your Values
    Establishing Your Values Generally, you are going to want your child to have the values you find important, the ones that have worked for you throughout your life. Have you ever taken a good look at what they are? Identifying the values you fi...
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    Money and Kids
    Teaching Basic Money Concepts to Children
    Teaching Basic Money Concepts to Children As song writers Buddy DeSylva, Lew Brown, and Ray Henderson once said, the best things in life may be free—but most things cost money. Buying toys and candy, going to the movies, and renting video tape...
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    Motivation and Goals
    Steps to Stardom: Helping Your Child Meet Her Goals
    Steps to Stardom: Helping Your Child Meet Her Goals Teaching your child personal goal setting can help him find his passion. Even if he doesn't, he will have begun exploring and defining possible areas of interest. At least, he will learn how t...
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    Tweens and High-Tech Entertainment
    Tweens and High-Tech Entertainment Zack was an outdoorsy, athletic boy who enjoyed everything from bicycling and skateboarding to hockey and gymnastics. He was the only kid on the block whose parents didn't own a television set or a computer, a...
  • Teens
    Preteen and Tween Behavior
    Why Tweens Don't Do Their Chores
    Why Tweens Don't Do Their Chores Little neatniks pick up their rooms without a dozen reminders, brush their teeth without cutting corners, and wash their hands before meals without being told. Very compliant tweens dust and vacuum, set and clear...
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    Fostering Independence
    You Can Do It! 5 Tips to Help Make Your Child Self-Sufficient
    You know that teaching your child age-appropriate life skills is important for self-care and independence, but how, exactly, do you go about doing this? Follow these tips to help your child become more self-sufficient, and help him learn the skil...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Leaving Home
    Your Son's Life Skills and Independence
    Your Son's Life Skills and Independence You may think you've heard all there is to hear about the importance of life skills, but the concept takes on a new urgency when your son announces that he's ready to move out. It becomes even more urgent...
  • Kids
    General Manners for Kids & Parents
    Double dipping. "Please" and "Thank You." How are the kids doing when it comes to the social graces? The answers to these five questions may tell -- and we'll tally the score. ...
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    Teen Independence
    Is Your Teen Planning for the Future?
    Is your teen prepared to be the architect of his own future? Take this quiz and find out! ...