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Team Sports

Signing your child up for a team sport will teach her great skills, both on and off the field. Look into different team sports and find tips to help your child succeed in athletics.

Baseball and Softball Safety

Baseball and Softball Safety According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign, of all youth sports, baseball has the highest fatality rate, even though it requires much less safety equipment than such high-risk sports as football or hockey. Gadget Guide If your child's team has helmets that are too large for your child, buy him his own. A helmet that slips doesn't offer much protection. read more

Baseball Families

Baseball can be a family affair. See what you know about these historic Major League dads and sons. read more

Baseball Fun

Children acquire practice for solving word problems using baseball statistics. read more

Basketball Coach Won't Let Boy Play

What can a parent do when the basketball coach won't let all members of the team play? read more

Basketball Dribble

Basketball DribbleMaterials read more

Black Athletes Quiz

Test your knowledge of famous African American athletes who made a difference. read more

Common Baseball Injuries

Common Baseball Injuries It's as American as apple pie and mom. It's the quintessential all-time American game, loved by everyone from eight-year-old Little League players to the parents playing on company teams. Baseball: nostalgic, beautifully orchestrated, and possibly hazardous to your health. read more

Common Basketball Injuries

Common Basketball Injuries Basketball is taking the country by storm. It's becoming the number one game in America according to experts (those who love basketball!) In fact, tickets are so hot for professional and collegiate basketball games, that fans will pay more than $1,000 for one ticket! read more

Common Football Injuries

Common Football Injuries Ah, autumn. The brilliant leaves, the cool, crisp air, the cheering, screaming sounds coming from the stadium. Yes, it's football season, and already everyone's counting the days until the Super Bowl. Football is an American tradition, but all that sweat and glory can leave a host of injuries in its wake. read more

Common Hockey Injuries

Common Hockey Injuries Think of your favorite football player in ice skates, and you get the image of what hockey is all about. But it goes three steps better when it comes to injury: read more

Common Soccer Injuries

Common Soccer Injuries Once upon a time, soccer was the game only in Europe and South America, a tradition as strong as baseball in America. But it's only recently that soccer as a professional team sport has gained respect here as well. But as a team sport for children, soccer has been just as popular here as abroad for years. Pass any suburban school yard, today or 20 years ago, and there are children, kicking a ball and trying to score a goal first. read more

FA Cup Quiz

See how much you know about the The Football Association Challenge Cup. read more

Famous American Racehorses

Test your knowledge of the Triple Crown and all the horses that partake in it! read more

Girls Wrestling Gains Acceptance

Girls Wrestling Gains Acceptance High School Girls Grapple with Male-Dominated Contact Sports read more

Heading for Trouble: Is Heading a Soccer Ball Dangerous?

Heading for Trouble: Is Heading a Soccer Ball Dangerous?Soccer players often use the technique "heading" — using their head to stop or redirect the ball — during a soccer game, but researchers are issuing a new warning against this common playing maneuver. A soccer ball is usually traveling at a high rate of speed when it comes in contact with a player's head. Without the proper technique and control, this can put him at a greater risk for cognitive impairment. read more

Indoor Baseball

Indoor BaseballGames such as this help your toddler develop eye-body coordination and are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor play. Materials Empty gift-wrap roll Balloon Directions Play baseball with an inflated balloon and an empty gift-wrap roll. Take turns hitting, throwing, and running bases. Due to the extreme choking hazard posed by pieces of broken balloon, remember to always supervise carefully when young children are playing with balloons. read more

Is Gymnastics Right for Your Child?

Is Gymnastics Right for Your Child? Gymnastics has long been considered a sport of immense skill and dedication. However, those admirable qualities often come under scrutiny from critics who think the sport causes physical delays in young athletes and might, in the long run, do more harm than good to a child's well-being. Is the sport of gymnastics right for your child, or does it pose a threat to her physical development and health? read more

Jocks on Film Quiz

Take this quiz to see how much you remember about famous athletes in movies. read more

Joltin' Joe DiMaggio

Joe DiMaggio set a standard for skill on the field and conduct off of it. See how much you know about the "Yankee Clipper." read more

Mad March's Mascots

Lions and Tigers and... Gophers? Oh my! Just what is in a team name? read more

Major League Ballparks Quiz

From Friendly Fenway to the San Francisco bay, and everywhere in between, find out how much you know about Major League baseball stadiums. read more

Major League Baseball Quiz

How much do you know about America's favorite pastime, baseball? Take this quiz to find out. read more

Parent Pushing Daughter in Sports

Our expert advises parents to respect their daughter's wishes to "lay off her" in their efforts to make her a better athlete. read more

Soccer Safety

Soccer Safety Millions of American kids have taken up soccer. Because there is not as much physical contact as in other sports, children can begin play at very young ages and on co-ed as well as single-sex teams. It's also a sport that children of all body sizes can learn to play. And the constant running provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. read more

Soccer Safety

Soccer SafetyThe soccer craze is sweeping the nation, but a new study shows that heading the ball could cause memory loss. See what the experts are saying.Is it dangerous for kids to "head" the ball while playing soccer? Get an expert opinion!Hooray for soccer! Find out why it's popular and also a great game for kids. read more

Spring Sports: Safety Tips for All Ages

Snow melting and mercury rising are two sure signs that the spring sports season has arrived. In order to maximize the enjoyment of watching your son or daughter play, take some time to make sure they'll be safe while doing so. read more

Time for Baseball

Children work with a partner to complete this activity on the different time zones in the U.S. and the baseball games that are played in each one. read more

Word Scramble: Sports History

Unscramble the names of these famous sports figures, events, games, and locations. Then write the answers in the appropriate blanks. read more