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The Best Winter Sports for All Ages

Keep your kids active and help combat the winter blues with these cold-weather sports.
Two Tweens Ice Skating
By: Rebecca Desfosse

During the cold winter months, you might find yourself running out of ideas to keep your kids occupied and active. Many of your favorite past times, like soccer, baseball, or even taking a trip to the park, take a backseat in the winter. Beat cabin fever this winter by introducing your kids to some of these amazing winter sports.

Skiing or Snowboarding

Two Kids Skiing

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Hitting the slopes with your kids gets them outdoors and active. Kids love gliding down the smooth hills and breezing through the cold winter air. While skiing and snowboard have a steep learning curve, kids feel a huge sense of accomplishment when they master the technique. Even kids as young as two years old can learn how to ski or snowboard. If your kid seems interested, take them to a ski mountain and sign them up for a one-time lesson. There's no commitment unless you decide to sign up for a seasonal program. While skiing is fun, it does present some real dangers. To minimize risk of injury, make sure a professional fits your child for boots, bindings, and a safety helmet. Let your child take a professional lesson where your child qill learn the rules and safety regulations of the slopes. If your child sticks with skiing, it can be a pricey sport. Expect to pay around $500 for a nine-week program, not including ski or snowboard rentals.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another great winter sport. It's a fun way to work on balance and agility, while having fun with family and friends. Kids who love to skate at a roller rink will love the challenge of staying steady on the ice and learning fun tricks. Plus, it's pretty inexpensive. For a minimal cost (around $5 per person plus the cost of skate rentals), your child can skate around for hours. Even lessons are pretty inexpensive. You can usually find recreational lessons for about $50 to $75 for an eight-week program. Kids as young as three can start beginner lessons, but even younger ones can skate around on the ice holding your hands or a trainer. Ice skating does involve some risks, however. Make sure your child's skates fit her feet well and provide enough ankle support to keep her ankles from buckling. Always have your child wear protective gear, such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads, as well as warm clothing and gloves to prevent frostbite.


Gymnastics isn't just a winter sport, but it's perfect to jump right in during the winter months since it's almost always indoors. Kids who love to tumble, jump, and climb will love taking it one step further with a gymnastics class. They'll learn to spin around the uneven bars, swing from the rings, and maintain perfect poise on the balance beam. Depending on the program, you're looking at a four to eight week commitment at around $100 to $200 per month. Many towns and cities offer recreational programs that are less expensive. Despite the initial sticker shock, remember that you won't need to purchase much special equipment outside of a leotard, and there are few safety risks until your child becomes more advanced. To avoid injury, sign your child up with a credible instructor who can explain safety rules and regulations and keep the gym equipment well-maintained and free of hazards.


Youg Girl Taking Ballet Class

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Dance is another sport that's perfect for winter. Whether it's hip hop, ballet, tap, or jazz, dance classes keep kids active and moving. If your kid is into music and having fun, then dance is the perfect to start – especially in the dull winter months. Kids as young as three can learn easy dance moves that they'll love to show off to you at home. When it comes to prices and a time commitment, you can find a wide variety, from recreational programs that are relatively inexpensive and short run, to six to eight week programs at high-end professional studios that cost much more. You'll need to purchase shoes and a dance outfit, depending on the type of dance your child has chosen. Risk of injury when it comes to dance is minimal, but remember to reinforce safety rules and regulations that your child's dance teacher imposes.

Get your kids involved in any of these fun winter sports to keep them active and having fun all season long.

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