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Gender Differences

Not all girls love pink, not all boys love blue. Explore gender differences, identities, and stereotypes in boys vs. girls, and how they're shaped by nature vs. nurture.

6 Tips for Understanding and Raising a Transgender Child

Learning that your child is transgender can bring on a range of emotions — from confusion and grief to anger and fear — and will likely leave you with many questions. Will your child be safe? How will this change the dynamic of your family? Many parents arrive at this uncertain juncture knowing very little about what being transgender entails. Learn more about what it means to be transgender and what you can do to help your child thrive. With the right resources and support, transgender children can lead happy, healthy, successful lives. read more

8 Disorganization Styles of Struggling Boys

Why is your child struggling in school? In her book "That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life," author Ana Homayoun identifies eight styles of disorganization and distraction that are commonly associated with academically struggling boys. Does your son fall into one of these categories? Find out and get tips excerpted from Homayoun's book. read more

Gender Differences

Gender DifferencesOne of the more enchanting mysteries of the second year of life is the discovery that there are actually two kinds of bodies: yours and the other kind. Girls discover `boyness' and vice versa, and the game of a lifetime is afoot. But do differences in gender affect the way we interact with our kids? Because we are so fascinated by gender influences in our own relationships (look at our literature, humor, the arts, religion), it is hard for us as a culture to sort out this tangle. read more

Gender Norms

Children don't always conform to gender norms. If you're concerned, here are a few things you can do. read more

Mother/Daughter 101: Smart Tips for Raising Girls

Every mother/daughter relationship is different. Whether you and your daughter are close as can be or constantly battling, find out the key steps in building a strong relationship and raising a happy, healthy girl. (Also take a look at our mother/son relationship tips.) read more

Mother/Son 101: Smart Tips for Raising Boys

There are a lot of tips out there for a good mother/daughter relationship, but maintaining a healthy mother/son relationship is tricky and less talked about. Learn the keys to showing your son the ropes in life and staying connected as he grows. read more

Preschool Boy Paints Nails

A mother fears that her son has gender confusion. read more

Preschoolers Who Role Play the Opposite Gender

Young kids benefit from play-acting the roles of their opposite gender parents and caretakers. read more

Sexual Identity in Young Children

Don't overreact if your young child seems to be exhibiting non-traditional gender traits. read more

Two-Year-Old Boy Pretends to Be a Girl

An expert advises a parent not to be overly concerned about her son's imaginative, imitative behavior. read more

Why Boys Struggle with School

Why Boys Struggle with School The statistics are sobering. According to the United States Department of Education, boys have consistently scored worse than girls in reading for thirty years—all ages, in every year. Two-thirds of special education students in high school are boys, and boys are 50 percent more likely to be held back in the eighth grade than girls. read more