Top 10 Christmas Crafts Using Washi Tape

by: Lindsay Hutton
We've rounded up our favorite Christmas-themed washi tape ideas from around the Web!
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Washi tape is one of our favorite craft supplies. It comes in dozens of different colors and patterns, it's cheap, easy for little hands to use, and makes minimal mess — win! We've rounded up our favorite Christmas-themed washi tape ideas from around the Web!

Star and Heart Ornamentsstar and heart ornaments made with washi tape

We love this craft because even if you don't have plain ornaments to decorate, you can easily use cardboard, cut into any shape you want. Decorate with your favorite pattern of washi tape (use more than one if you want!), string a ribbon through the top, and you've got an adorable homemade ornament!

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Photo Credit: Paper Crush


Washi tape cookie cutter ornamentsCookie Cutter Ornament

Cheap plastic cookie cutters outlined with washi tape — who knew that's all you need for a simple and cute ornament? Using tape to outline the cookie cutter also makes this a great fine motor activity for kids!

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Photo Credit: A Night Owl



Simple Wall TreeChristmas tree for kids made with washi tape

Your little one will love having his own tree to decorate. Make an outline of a tree out of washi tape on your wall, tear some more into small pieces for "ornaments," and let your kid go crazy decorating!

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Photo Credit: Modern Parents Messy Kids


Christmas tree holiday cards made with washi tapeChristmas Tree Cards

Why buy your cards when you can make your own? A couple different patterns of washi tape, ripped into various lengths, and arranged as a tree make a card so cute, you'll never buy cards from a store again.

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Photo Credit: About a Mom


Christmas BannerMerry Christmas Banner made with washi tape

Simple letters cut from cardboard (or plain, store-bought letters) wrapped in washi tape are a festive way to get in the holiday spirit! String them up on twine for a cute decoration to hang in your home.

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Photo Credit: Paper & Pin


Owl ornament made with washi tapeOwl Ornaments

Whooo are you looking at? Plain gift tags, googly eyes, and washi tape are all you need make super-cute owls to hang on your tree.

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Photo Credit: The Country Chic Cottage


Toilet Paper Roll Gift BoxesGift boxes made with toilet paper rolls decorated with washi tape

Don't throw away your empty toilet paper rolls! Fold in the ends and decorate with washi tape, and you've got an adorably handmade gift box for smaller gifts.

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Photo Credit: The Pink Doormat


Washi tape gift wrapDIY Gift Wrap

Plain brown wrapping paper makes a great backdrop for this homemade wrapping paper. Use as many different patterns of washi tape as you want, and decorate to your heart's content!

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Photo Credit: DIY Inspired


Simple Advent CalendarAdvent calendar made with washi tape

This craft calls for a picture frame, but you can use foam board or cardboard as an alternative. Decorate one clothespin for each day of the month for a simple and one-of-a-kind advent calendar you can use every year.

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Photo Credit: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


DIY Gift TagsGift tags made with washi tape

If you've got any blank gift tags, spice them up with washi tape! One pattern, two patterns, six patterns — they'll look great no matter how you decide to decorate them.

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Photo Credit: It Happens in a Blink

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