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    Planning a Formal Dinner
    Planning a Formal Dinner Most people set their tables rather informally these days for any number of valid reasons, the lack of time being the main one. Who has time to fuss over linens, crystal, and china, much less polish the silver? However,...
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    Dining Out: Tricky Situations
    Dining Out: Tricky Situations Two common and tricky situations that you might encounter when dining out are handling chopsticks and dealing with vegetarianism. Chop Chop In our shrinking world, you may find yourself in a situation in which p...
  • Food Additives
    5 Big-Name Food Companies Removing Artificial Ingredients from Their Products
    For busy moms, deciding which packaged foods are safe for your child's breakfast, lunch, and snacks can be daunting, especially when you are faced with a long line of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and dyes on the recipe label. Although ...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Dining and Eating Out
    Healthy Restaurant Dining
    Healthy Restaurant Dining Go ahead and take on any type of restaurant. Ask yourself (and the waiter) the following five key questions before ordering something on the menu: Can you ever just "go whole hog" and order whatever you want without wo...
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    Dining and Eating Out
    Dining Out with Youngsters
    Dining Out with Youngsters When our two oldest were very young, we would dine out nearly every Saturday night. I found Hayley, two, and Hannah, one, fairly easy to handle in restaurants, perhaps because we had begun taking them out as newborns. A...