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5 Family History & Genealogy Podcasts to Listen to This Fall

Whether you're fascinated by family history, just starting to dive into your family tree, or an expert genealogist. These are the top genealogy podcasts for you.
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Updated: December 1, 2022

Genealogy and family history have become hot topics for many families thanks to affordable and easy ways to test your DNA. These tests allow us to do everything from discovering how prone we are to like a certain ice cream flavor to learning important health data to exposing family secrets. You might have friends who have uncovered a different heritage than they knew to be true for their family or even long lost family members.

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Regardless of what people find out through these DNA tests, the one thing most people can count on is being left with the strong desire to learn more about how all of this works and how it’s affecting others. Though the tests provide simple results, it is a far from simple process to understand the genealogy and history behind the results. If you’re one of those people who now craves more information or has her interest piqued on the topics of genealogy and family history, listening to podcasts on these topics might become one of your new favorite pastimes.

Here are 5 family history and genealogy podcasts to listen to this fall:

1. Family Secrets by Dani Shapiro

This is our number one favorite podcast concerning family history, and we highly recommend it! As Dana Bressette, Family Education Genetics Expert, shares:

“The one that I found most compelling was “Family Secrets” by Dani Shapiro. As a genetics educator and former genetics scientist, I keep up with genetics. I read Dani Shapiro’s book Inheritance and I found it extremely compelling. In her book, she describes finding out that the man she thought was her father is not in fact her biological father. She starts this detective work by taking a home genetics kit test. I like the book (and what I heard of the podcast) because she explores what it means to want to understand where you come from and the consequences that it might have (positive or negative). Genetics is very powerful and taps into so much about who we are and where we fit in this world. I think that her book and podcast would be a great starting point for anyone looking to study their own genealogy.”

2. The Genealogy Guys with George G. Morgan and Drew Smith

This podcast is one of the originals on the topic of genealogy dating back to September 2005, so it provides plenty of material for you to indulge in. Anyone from beginner to expert genealogists would be interested in the topics that they cover which ranges from the latest related news, listener emails, book reviews and interviews. 

3. Genealogy Happy Hour with Amy Crabill Lay and Penny Burke Bonawitz

This podcast specifically focuses on showing family historians how to get started. Documentation is a big topic here. The tone of this podcast is light and happy, and though the two hosts are experts on genealogy and not wine, they take the time to share some fun thoughts on the wine they taste too.

4. Ancestral Findings

This podcast provides in-depth information on surnames hailing from different areas of the world as well as the history behind important figures and locations. The information is presented in a way that is direct and easy to digest.

5. Extreme Genes with Scott Fisher, David Allen Lambert, and Tom Perry

This podcast is known as “America’s Family History Show.” This show looks into fascinating mysteries, stories from history, and DNA cases that will keep you guessing and grab your interest more than any fictional soap opera could.

We hope you enjoy these podcast tools and have fun exploring your family history and genealogy! 

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Looking for more genealogy resources? Your family’s baby books could be a great starting point. 

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