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    Parent/Child Relationships
    Essential Rules of Parenting: How to Stay Sane
    Your sanity isn't only important because you are important, but also because your children need sane parents. And there are just a few Rules that you'll find, after you get the hang of them, help you keep your head when your children are crying t...
  • Practice and teach kids how to practice the ancient art of mindfulness
    Dealing With Stress
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids One the most exciting recent developments in the modern treatment of depression has been the integration of cognitive behavioral principles with insights from an Eastern tradition that goes back many thousands of y...
  • Family Life
    The Seven-Day Plan for a Heart-Smart Diet
    The Seven-Day Plan for a Heart-Smart Diet To help you follow a heart-smart diet, here's a seven-day food plan that incorporates lean proteins and low-fat dairy products, unsaturated fats, loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, and plenty of fiber....
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    Exercise Tips
    Health Trends Quiz
    Are you up on today's popular exercises? See how much you know about today's health trends in this quiz. ...
    Ricco Villanueva Siasoco
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    Kidney Stones
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. Children
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. ChildrenIf you need another reason to avoid feeding your children processed and junk food, you've got one: It's a suspected cause of a growing health problem in young children – kidney stones.A recent New York...
    Nancy Witting
  • Diabetes blood sugar test
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids A study completed in 2004 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 12.5 million (17.1%) of children ages 2-19 in the United States were overweight. From 1999 to 2004, overweight and obesit...
    Julie Deaner
  • mom comforting kid with stress
    Dealing With Stress
    Top 10 Sources of Stress for Kids
    In addition to minor aggravations like running late or having a bad hair day, kids (like the rest of us) have to cope with major life events. These events don't have to be negative to be stressful. Remember: the key component to stress is change...
    Diana Bohmer
  • General Health Printables
    Questions to Ask Health-Care Providers
    Refer to this list of important questions when interviewing potential health-care providers for the birth of your baby. ...
  • General Health Printables
    The Do's and Don'ts of Exercise During Pregnancy - Printable List
    Learn the ins and outs of exercising during pregnancy, including which types of exercise are acceptable and which are not. ...
  • Child taking medicine, antibiotics
    Are We Overusing Antibiotics and Antibacterial Products?
    Are We Overusing Antibiotics and Antibacterial Products? When you walk into the cleaning or household aisle of your nearby grocery store, you're likely confronted with row upon row of antibacterial cleaning products. If you look into a woman's ...
    Liz Casler
  • Flowers Printables
    Adult Coloring Page - Flowers
    Adult coloring pages offer a fun and relaxing activity for moms, teachers, older kids, and teens! Print this one featuring a small floral pattern. Give it as a Mother's Day gift or Teacher Appreciation gift, along with colored pencils or fin...
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    Dealing With Stress
    Calming Activities
    Calming Activities Essential Although many people associate the term stress with psychological stress, physicians use this term to denote any force that impairs the stability and balance of bodily functions. By definition, exercise is stressful,...
  • Family Life
    Dealing With Stress
    Do You Pass the Stress Test?
    It's amazing the effects that too much stress can have on your life. Take this quiz to see if you need to find more ways to relax. ...
  • General Health Printables
    Stress Worksheet
    Use this worksheet to help you determine the level of stress in your life. ...
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    Illnesses and Diseases
    Toddler Has Unusual Lump
    Most often these lumps are normal lymph nodes -- "glands" that we all have in various parts of our bodies. ...
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    Gym Equipment
    Exercising Common Sense at the Gym
    Exercising Common Sense at the Gym Some people seem to think it isn't necessary to exercise common sense and good manners in places where people exercise. The opposite is true. When the fitness-minded get single-minded about their workouts, th...
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    Weight Management
    Is Being Underweight a Health Concern?
    Is Being Underweight a Health Concern? For some people, being too thin can be a health concern—specifically for people who are underweight because they undereat. When your body does not receive adequate food energy (calories), it basically run...
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    Maintaining Weight Loss
    Setting Realistic Weight-loss Goals
    Setting Realistic Weight-loss Goals Food for Thought Don't obsess over the scale; it can drive you nuts! Limit the times you weigh yourself to no more than once or twice a week. In fact, avoid hopping on the scale each time you hit the bathroom ...