• start getting fit with these easy exercises and tips
    Exercise Tips
    10 Simple Ways to Start Getting Fit Fast
    10 Simple Things to Get Yourself Fitter Climb the stairs -- Start by getting out of the elevator two floors early and climb the rest of the way. Within weeks you will be running up the stairs two at a time. Stairs are great for firming your legs...
  • Family Life
    Positive Thinking
    10 Things That Make Everyone Happy
    10 Things That Make Everyone Happy Wake refreshed -- Ironically, to be happy when you're awake, you need to make sure you spend enough time in bed. Make sure you get enough sleep. Find love -- Few people would enjoy years alone on a desert islan...
  • ultrasound of human fetus at 13 weeks and 4 days
    Week 14 of Pregnancy
    You are 13 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayWhether your baby's legs are crossed or uncrossed, it is very difficult to tell from an ultrasound at this stage whether your baby is a boy or girl: male and female look too similar to reliably tell them apart. ...
  • Annoyedmotherandboy
    Parent/Child Relationships
    Essential Rules of Parenting: How to Stay Sane
    Your sanity isn't only important because you are important, but also because your children need sane parents. And there are just a few Rules that you'll find, after you get the hang of them, help you keep your head when your children are crying t...
  • Practice and teach kids how to practice the ancient art of mindfulness
    Dealing With Stress
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids
    Promoting Mindfulness in Kids One the most exciting recent developments in the modern treatment of depression has been the integration of cognitive behavioral principles with insights from an Eastern tradition that goes back many thousands of y...
  • Family Life
    Exercise Tips
    Health Trends Quiz
    Are you up on today's popular exercises? See how much you know about today's health trends in this quiz. ...
    Ricco Villanueva Siasoco
  • human embryo at 5 weeks exactly
    Week 5 of Pregnancy
    You are 5 Weeks Exactly Pregnant
    Your baby todayThe bulge at the lower part of this image will eventually become the baby's head. Segments called somites (seen as bright, round areas running down one side of the embryo), which will form the baby's spine, have started to develop....
  • Kids and Cell Phones
    Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Valid Concern?
    Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A Valid Concern? Since the 1990s, cell phones have been a daily accessory for most Americans. More than 82 percent of Americans, or 250 million people, now have a cell phone. That number is more than quadruple the nu...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Family Life
    Kidney Stones
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. Children
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. ChildrenIf you need another reason to avoid feeding your children processed and junk food, you've got one: It's a suspected cause of a growing health problem in young children – kidney stones.A recent New York...
    Nancy Witting
  • Diabetes blood sugar test
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids A study completed in 2004 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 12.5 million (17.1%) of children ages 2-19 in the United States were overweight. From 1999 to 2004, overweight and obesit...
    Julie Deaner
  • feet of human fetus at 17 weeks and 4 days
    Week 18 of Pregnancy
    You are 17 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant
    Your baby todayThe skin of your baby is extremely soft and smooth. The soles of the feet and toes are shown in this image and it is clear they are free from wrinkles. During the next week evidence of fingerprint and toeprint patterns will appear ...
  • General Health Printables
    Questions to Ask Health-Care Providers
    Refer to this list of important questions when interviewing potential health-care providers for the birth of your baby. ...
  • General Health Printables
    The Do's and Don'ts of Exercise During Pregnancy - Printable List
    Learn the ins and outs of exercising during pregnancy, including which types of exercise are acceptable and which are not. ...
  • Exercising While You
    Exercise Safety
    How Pregnancy Affects Exercise
    How Pregnancy Affects Exercise Even if you're a seasoned athlete, your body will react differently to exercise when you are pregnant. Watch for these changes: Balance fails after 20 weeks as your abdomen throws off your center of gravity, maki...
  • ultrasound of human fetus at 13 weeks and 1 day
    Week 14 of Pregnancy
    You are 13 Weeks and 1 Day Pregnant
    Your baby todayIt's easy to see where your baby's bones are on an ultrasound as they show up as brighter areas. Other features may be harder to see. If you have a scan and are unsure what you are looking at, ask your doctor to interpret it for yo...
  • Child taking medicine, antibiotics
    Are We Overusing Antibiotics and Antibacterial Products?
    Are We Overusing Antibiotics and Antibacterial Products? When you walk into the cleaning or household aisle of your nearby grocery store, you're likely confronted with row upon row of antibacterial cleaning products. If you look into a woman's ...
    Liz Casler
  • Family Life
    Dealing With Stress
    Calming Activities
    Calming Activities Essential Although many people associate the term stress with psychological stress, physicians use this term to denote any force that impairs the stability and balance of bodily functions. By definition, exercise is stressful,...
  • Family Life
    Dealing With Stress
    Do You Pass the Stress Test?
    It's amazing the effects that too much stress can have on your life. Take this quiz to see if you need to find more ways to relax. ...