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Our Top Mommy and Me Outfit Picks for Spring 2019

The idea of mini-me dressing, or wearing matching outfits with your kids, has been around forever. But nowadays more and more stores are catering to the trend with affordable and fashionable pieces that are both suitable for both parents and kids. Here are our favorite mommy and me outfits you can rock with your kid this spring.
mother and toddler wearing mommy and me dresses
Updated: May 20, 2023

Some people may think it’s silly or weird for a mom to want to wear an outfit that matches her kids. But for some of us moms, the idea of matching our kiddos is fun. And if you’ve seen some of the styles made for kids now, you wouldn’t blame us. Nowadays, clothing for kids is almost (if not more) fashionable as clothes for parents! So it’s no surprise now that moms may be coveting items of clothing from their kids’ closets.

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Dressing like your kids has come a long way since us parents were kids. The clothing is a lot more stylish, and also something you would want to wear. Matching with your kid isn’t just some weird thing you do for a family photoshoot, even though that’s still a totally valid reason. You can just pick any random Tuesday and walk out the door matching your little. And as stores are realizing this trend is something that isn’t going away anytime soon, they’re starting to get more on board.

Stores like Target and The Children’s Place have created collections for the whole family that drop throughout the year. A lot of Target’s family clothing is seasonal — their matching holiday pajamas have become stuff of legend in the last couple years. The Children’s Place began to roll out Mommy and Me dressing about a year ago, and parents were super on board to start shopping.

If you look up “Mommy and Me” outfits, you will be amazed at all of your options. But there is one very glaring issue — 75-80 percent of clothing that is listed as mommy and me is mother/daughter. You can find sites chock full of dresses, ruffles, and hairbows all for the intent of mothers and daughters dressing like each other. And it’s great that they have so many options. But what about mothers of sons?

As a mother of a son who is quite fashionable, it is frustrating that more often than not I have to cobble together outfits rather than be able to just buy a matching set. We mostly just get matching graphic tee shirts, and a handful of accessories. When The Children’s Place released their mommy and me clothing line, mothers of sons were directed to the “family” items, where half of the graphic tees are made in men’s fits and there is no option for mom. Newsflash to clothing companies making mommy and me outfits: moms of sons want to wear matching outfits too. And not just graphic tees and pajamas.

But! There are still some great stylish options out there that won’t break the bank. Here are some of our favorite outfits for dressing with your mini me.

Target Navy Stripe Pajamas

Get it here.

For moms and mini who like to make bedtime fun, Target has these great pajamas. We’re partial to the navy stripe, but they also come in gray and pink stripe. You can get them in three different kids sizes: they make a one-piece footed sleeper for babies, and a long-sleeve two-piece set for toddlers and kids. And of course, the long-sleeve two-piece for mom!

The Children’s Place Mommy and Me Sleeveless Floral Print Woven Matching Dress

This gorgeous green floral print dress is perfect for spring and summer. Don them for a girls’ day brunch on an outdoor patio, or maybe a family party!

Get mom's dress here.

Get daughter's dress here.

The Children’s Place Family Royalty Tee

If you fancy yourself the Queen and Prince (or Princess) of the family, these tee shirts will be perfect to show yourselves off!

Get mom's shirt here.

Get son's shirt here.

Get daughter's dress here.

‘Of the Wild’ Tees

These cute tees from Shirt Candy on Etsy are a great representation of what being a boy mom is like sometimes! And it’s customizable, so you can pick your favorite colors for your shirt!

Get them here.

TOMS Classic Alpargatas

Maybe you want your matching a little more low key. These classic alpargatas by TOMS are a perfect way to match with your little in a more subtle (or not so subtle) way!

For mom: Elephant print and Gray

For kids: Elephant print and Gray

For more mommy and me outfit inspiration, follow the FamilyEducation Mama Style board on Pinterest:

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