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10 Simple Health Things You Can Check Yourself

Take good care of your body and read these 10 tips of things you can check to keep yourself healthy.
10 Simple Health Things You Can Check Yourself

10 Simple Health Things You Can Check Yourself

  1. Hop on the scales -- Weighing yourself every month (not every day!) will enable you to spot any changes before your clothes become too tight or even too loose.
  2. Look in the mirror -- If your eyes are red and baggy, you probably need more sleep. The good news is that sleep is cheaper than cosmetic surgery and better for you, too.
  3. Feel for bumps -- You know where those nasty bumps can occur. Feel yourself regularly and don't be bashful about showing your doctor anything you find worrying.
  4. Check your pee -- Take a look in the toilet. If your pee is any darker than straw then the chances are you're not drinking enough water.
  5. Check the small print -- Any small print will do. If it's difficult to read, you might need glasses. Regular eye checkups make good sense.
  6. Take your pulse -- Relax on the sofa; then count the beats over half a minute and multiply by two. The closer your pulse is to 70, the better.
  7. Blow up balloons -- Don't wait for a party to blow up balloons. Challenge your friends and see who among you has the most wind power. If it's tougher than you thought, ask yourself why.
  8. Smell your own breath -- If it's not as nice as you'd like, your teeth or gums might be the problem. Consider a visit to the dentist.
  9. Spots and worse -- Forgive me for reminding you that sexually transmitted diseases are on the increase. Young or old, cautious or bold, be aware of the risks and seek help if you're worried.
  10. Say that again -- Are people talking too quietly? Have your hearing checked.

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