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12 Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads-to-Be

These pregnancy apps for dads track pregnancy health and prenatal appointments and prepare dads for a new baby! Check out our fave pregnancy tech for dads-to-be.
12 Best Pregnancy Apps for Dads-to-Be
Updated: October 3, 2023
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During the pregnancy journey, much of the focus is put on the mom-to-be since she plays a vital role in the entire process, but we can’t forget about dad! You also need to follow the process trimester by trimester and be in the loop when it comes to all things baby.

If you're a dad-to-be who needs support and vital information about your little one’s growth and development, don’t worry, there’s an app for that...several dozen to be exact!

Pregnancy apps for dads-to-be are a great resource for men who have questions about pregnancy and childbirth and who want to support their partner in the pregnancy journey. 

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We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best pregnancy apps for dads-to-be when it comes to pregnancy trackers, checklists and general baby preparations. You’re bound to find one or several that will be very helpful during this exciting time!

Pregnancy Tracker Apps for Dads

There are several apps available that can help a dad-to-be track the pregnancy journey as you await the birth of your new baby.

Baby Center

Track every week of baby’s growth with the Baby Center app. Here you’ll find information about how your baby is growing week by week. It allows you to see photos and 3-D videos to track your baby’s development. You can also get answers to a variety of pregnancy questions and read thousands of medically reviewed articles.

There is also a calendar to track appointments, so no one misses a thing! The Baby Center app provides a space where you can connect with other parents-to-be in every stage of pregnancy.

The Baby Center app is free to download in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

What to Expect

Many new parents have heard of the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. The What to Expect app is an extension of this brand and is geared at not only pregnant women but partners as well! 

The app includes features like a fetal growth tracker and medical articles on various stages of pregnancy and the first months of your baby’s life. The app also takes you through the toddler years, so you’re good to go for a while once you download this app.

This is another free app for both Android and iOS users.

The Big Daddy

The Big Daddy is an app created for dads by a dad, who also happens to be a doctor. The app helps new dads track baby’s development by using humorous "dad-centric" size comparisons like the size of different tools in a toolkit! 

There is also a contraction timer, important checklists and dozens of doctor-approved articles on pregnancy. While the app is free to download for Android and IOS users, some features are only available when you choose the full access option for $1.99.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks app helps you track the growth and development of your baby. It includes a calendar to track when major developmental milestones should occur. This app is a favorite because it also provides information about babies during the first months of their lives as well. 

There is a $5.99 fee to download this app in the app store and a $6.49 fee on Google Play.

Pregnancy Checklist Apps for Dads

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What should be on a dad-to-be’s checklist? Several apps are available to help you sort through baby prep as you prepare to take on that new dad title! 

Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s Your Daddy is an app that is chock full of useful information including daily tips that give insight on what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. There is a contraction counter for when the big event arrives as well as a hospital bag checklist and a potential baby name list.

You can also get 42 personalized weeks of updates about your baby. The timeline feature provides all the key dates to add to the calendar, so no important appointments are missed.

Who’s Your Daddy is available through in-app purchases for $3.99 for Apple users and $2.99 for Android users.


The ProDaddy app is perfect for first-time dads who want a basic guide to pregnancy. It’s a no-frills guide that lets dads track how many weeks of pregnancy remain and gives weekly updates on the baby’s size and weight. Dads can also get daily gift ideas for expecting moms if you're looking to treat your partner for all the hard work pregnancy takes. 

The app has a hospital bag checklist so that nothing is left at home when the big day arrives. The ProDaddy app is free to download for anyone. 

Apps to Help Dads Prepare for Labor and Birth 

Do you have a birth plan all ready to go for when your partner goes into labor? Dads who want some info on preparing for labor and childbirth can download one of these apps: 

Daddy Up

Daddy Up, which is also known as The Dad’s Field Guide to Pregnancy, has loads of information about how babies grow and what to pack in your hospital bag. There are also useful sections and weekly tips to provide some insight into the hormonal rollercoaster your partner is going through, and how you can help out. 

When you download the app, you also get access to a journal log, a contraction counter and customizable and shareable baby announcements. Daddy Up is another free app for fathers-to-be to take advantage of.


The HiDaddy app gives expecting dads daily messages that provide interesting suggestions like listening to the baby’s heartbeat and seeing how playing music can make it change. 

This app is unique in that it can be synced with the HiMommy app to receive notifications about mom’s moods and possible cravings. How cool is that?

There is also a fun feature that allows you to change the tone from polite to naughty, depending on the mood! The HiDaddy app is free for IOS and Android.

Contraction Timer & Counter

The Contraction Timer app allows you to play an important role in your partner’s pregnancy by timing their contractions. The app is easy to use and allows you to keep track of the contractions to get a better idea of when it’s time to head to the hospital.

Just tap the button when contractions start and stop. Once several contractions have been timed along with their intensities, the app will advise whether you should go to the hospital or wait it out. The app itself is free, but there are also options for in-app purchases for Android users.

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Pregnant Dad

Pregnant Dad gives insight into each phase of your partner’s pregnancy. The app also provides an appointment tracker, survival tips for every part of the pregnancy and a birthday calculator. The tips are separated into 3-4 snippets per week so there's no information overload.

One unique feature that this app offers is the built-in features for couples who are expecting twins. While this isn’t one of the many free apps, it costs just $1.99 in the app store. As of now, the app is not available on Google Play.

Quick Tips For New Dads

When fatherhood is a new journey, the Quick Tips for New Dads app is here to help. This app gives you tips on taking care of a newborn baby and caring for your postpartum partner. It is super easy to use. There are no long and wordy pages, just quick tips to give you the key info you need.

Dads-to-be can also take advantage of the many how-to guides on topics like changing diapers to bathing a newborn. Sorry Android lovers, this app is available only on Apple devices for $1.99.

Super Dad

The Super Dad app gives you the tools they need to be the best new dad ever! This app walks you through the pregnancy from the time you find out about pregnancy to the birth and beyond.

The app tells it like it is. It talks about pregnancy, birth, feeding and diaper changes. Plus, it also provides interesting child development and wellness tips. There is also a contraction timer and checklists for pregnancy, birth and beyond available throughout the app. 

The Super Dad app is available to download in the app store for $2.99. It’s also available on Google Play.

Getting Prepared for Baby as a New Dad 

When it comes to pregnancy apps for dads, it’s important to find ones that are relatable and easy to use. Making information easy to read and interesting will help you be in the know 24/7. 

Many fathers-to-be may find it helpful to download different apps to get a variety of information and insight from different sources. When it comes to pregnancy and fatherhood, you can never have too much knowledge!

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