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50+ Birth Affirmations for Dads as a Supportive Partner in Labor

Dads-to-be need these funny and supportive birth affirmations for dads to say to their partner during labor and childbirth.
Updated: August 29, 2023
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The anticipation of meeting your new baby can be both exciting and frightening. Birth is a new and vulnerable experience. Both expecting moms and expecting dads need to support each other throughout pregnancy and childbirth. Moms and dads need to make a birth plan, whether you’re planning a hospital birth, a home birth, a natural birth, or a natural birth with no epidural.

For dads-to-be, being a supportive presence to your wife or partner during labor is essential to keeping everyone calm. Birth affirmations can help you create the birth story you’re envisioning.

Discover the best birth affirmations for dads-to-be, and be prepared to welcome your new baby to the world with positivity and love! 

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What Are Birth Affirmations?

Birth affirmations are positive statements that you can say to yourself or your partner to prepare mentally and emotionally for childbirth. Affirmations work to overcome fears and doubts. Repeating these phrases over time aims to increase confidence and promote a positive mindset throughout the birthing process. Some people use affirmations in the context of hypnobirthing, but they can also be used as a standalone strategy to stay calm and grounded.

Affirmations are concise statements in the present tense. They describe a positive image as if it already exists—for example, if giving birth seems scary and new to you, an affirmation might state, “My body knows how to birth my baby.

Birth affirmations typically focus on anything related to childbirth. This could include pain management, confidence in your body’s capabilities, and the progression of your labor, or you might focus on the elation you’ll feel once you’re past the challenge and you’re holding your baby for the first time. Repeating your mantra aloud daily allows it to change and mold your mindset so you’re best prepared for an empowering birth experience. 

You can say affirmations each morning, perhaps while looking into the mirror. Visualize yourself achieving whatever the statement describes. It may also be helpful to write them down and post them somewhere you can see each day.

50+ Best Birth Affirmations for Dads

Dads and birth partners can repeat the birth affirmations aloud to mothers in labor. The birth experience is overwhelming and it can be difficult to stay grounded and focused at times. Partners can support birthing women by bringing a calm focus back by repeating the birth mantras.

Following are some ideas for empowering statements to help support your partner as they give birth to your new child.

Birth Affirmations for Dads to Use Before Labor

Throughout pregnancy, you can make it a habit to affirm your partner’s journey. Try these pregnancy affirmations:

  • “Your body is the perfect place for your baby to grow.”
  • “Every day we are closer to meeting our baby."
  • “You are already a great mom."
  • “Your body is a miracle."
  • “You have my love and support as you prepare for birth."
  • “I will help you and support you through this."
  • “Your body is designed to nurture our baby."
  • “You find peace and strength through each trimester."
  • “Your body knows when it is time for the baby to come."
  • “I love getting to know you as you change into a mother."
  • “Together, we have created a beautiful new life."
  • “We make a great team. We can do this.”

Positive Birth Affirmations for Dads to Say in Labor 

When the big day comes, you can be your partner’s rock. Repeat these positive statements to strengthen and encourage your partner:

  • “Each contraction brings us one step closer to meeting our baby."
  • “I am amazed at your strength."
  • “I am here to strengthen and comfort you."
  • “I am here with you through each contraction."
  • “I am honored to witness this miracle."
  • “I am your anchor and your rock. Lean on me."
  • “I believe in your abilities to birth our child."
  • “I love you more with each passing moment."
  • “I will support you no matter what."
  • “My job is to support you and take care of your needs."
  • “These are cherished moments as you bring our baby into the world."
  • “We will welcome this baby together."
  • “With each deep breath, you become calmer and more relaxed."
  • “You become more and more beautiful and strong as you pass through this experience."
  • “Our baby is waiting to meet us and every moment brings us closer together."

Funny Birth Affirmations for Dads to Say 

If you feel ridiculous saying birth affirmations aloud to your partner, you would not be the only dad out there who feels this way. First of all, as you practice saying them you may begin to get used to them and feel more comfortable. But, you can also rely on your sense of humor if that’s one of your strengths.

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No one ever said powerful birth affirmations have to be stuffy or cheesy. Humor might actually be a good way to relieve tension and take your partner’s focus off of the stress.

Try these funny affirmation options:

  • “You can handle anything—after all, you can handle me!"
  • “Ride the waves! Everybody’s going surfing...surfing USA!"
  • “Doula dad mode activated!"
  • “For every contraction you conquer, I promise to take on a diaper change."
  • “Let’s come up with your superhero name now."
  • “You can do it!!!” (said in a funny voice)
  • “I am your backup dancer!"
  • “Would you be mad if I took a nap? Nah, I’m just kidding I swear!"
  • “Your strength is revealing to me what I weakling I am! Promise you won’t tell."
  • “You have a high pain tolerance, you’ve been listening to my stories for years now."

Calming Birth Affirmations for Dads to Say to Themselves 

Although there’s no denying that mom is the one really “going through it” during childbirth, feelings of fear, anxiety, inadequacy, or other concerns are normal and common among dads as their new child comes into the world.

If you’re uncertain whether you can really support your partner through something so challenging and new to you, use affirmations to boost your own confidence, and you will be her rock. You can do this!

Try these affirmations to keep yourself feeling calm and steady as you lead your partner through the birthing journey:

  • “I am my partner’s strength."
  • “I can meet my partner’s needs."
  • “My partner leans on me for support."
  • “Fatherhood comes naturally to me."
  • “I am strong enough to help her do this."
  • “I am a steady, peaceful presence for my partner."
  • “My own breathing sets the tone for my partner."
  • “I am a pillar of strength, bringing stability to my partner."
  • “I remain calm as challenges or unforeseen events arise."
  • “I can remain calm when my partner cannot. This supports her journey."
  • “I am centered and composed; my partner can trust me to be her support."
  • “I am the calm in the storm, and our baby is the rainbow at its end."
  • “My presence is the foundation for a supportive and empowering birth experience."
  • “I am the one she wants to be close to her as she embarks upon this journey."
  • “My partner and my child count on me to guide them now."

Why Are Birth Affirmations Helpful?

Using birth affirmations can support you in having a positive birth experience. Following are a few ways that affirmations help you have your best birth:

A Calmer Birth Journey

Giving birth can be scary for many moms and dads –  whether your’re new parents or have already had kids. Going through labor is a very vulnerable experience that includes pain and discomfort and you need to relinquish a lot more control than you’re probably used to.

It is normal to feel scared, anxious, or worried about going into labor. Repeating birth affirmations can help reduce these types of emotions so that you can relax and feel calmer throughout the process. 

Better Focus

No matter how prepared you are, going into labor can throw your ability to think clearly out the window. Affirmations give you something familiar to call upon when you feel overwhelmed. These empowering phrases help bring your focus back to your goals for your birth experience.


Giving birth can feel very disempowering at times, particularly for expecting dads with little control over the actual birth process. You might feel lost, confused, and out of control. And while it’s important to relax and let your doctor or birth doula guide you through this process. 

Birth affirmations can help boost your confidence and remind you that you get to call the shots. You can’t control how your birth progresses, but you can design your own birth environment and make informed medical decisions for yourself and your baby.

Promotes Bonding with Your Partner and Your Baby 

You already have a relationship with your partner, but childbirth brings it to a new level. Affirmations give couples a shared focus and help them navigate through a beautiful and challenging journey together. New parents can encourage each other and actively participate as a team bringing their baby into the world.

This experience creates unforgettable memories and enhances your bond in a deeper way. Affirmations stir up strong positive emotions and help you and your partner celebrate and enjoy your transition to parenthood.

More Ways to Be a Supportive Partner During Labor and Birth 

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There was a time when dads never entered the delivery room. Perhaps they waited at home or they sat outside smoking cigarettes and waiting to hear that their child is born. Today, things are different. Dads aren’t left out of the delivery room, and they often act as the mother’s birth partner, supporting her through the entire process.

  1. Take Childbirth Classes and Make a Birth Plan 

Saying affirmations together or aloud is a wonderful way to support your partner during childbirth. You can also help by educating yourself and learning about the process of labor and delivery by attending childbirth classes.

Get to know your partner’s birth plan and wishes so that you can advocate for her in moments when she cannot. This will also help you refocus her on her goals and make choices like choosing to take additional pain medications for labor or not. 

  1. Give Prenatal Massages and Other Pregnancy Stress Relief 

Many women enjoy a massage during pregnancy or counter pressure like acupuncture to help them get through contractions. If your partner requests this, try offering a birthing comb or a hand to squeeze during labor.

However, other people may not want to be touched during labor and delivery at all. Either way, you can offer your presence and support. You can also distract her by talking or reading to her (at a certain point she won’t be listening anymore, but your voice may offer comfort regardless). Offer snacks and water if allowed and start up a warm bath if that’s something your partner might like.

  1. Create a Comfortable, Safe Environment Before Childbirth and Postpartum 

While supporting your partner, be open and flexible. Understand that her needs and wants may change suddenly or unexpectedly. That’s okay—your job is to go with the flow and offer your unwavering assistance.

After your baby’s birth, you can help provide a comfortable environment for the initial bonding and breastfeeding. Moms need a lot of help as they navigate the postpartum period. Think of your role as taking care of her, so she can take care of your baby.

You got this Dad!

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