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Birth Story: A Natural Home Birth

This is the story of 31-year-old Jenna's natural home birth. She chronicles everything in a detailed timeline from the start of her contractions to the arrival of her brand new baby.
Pregnant woman leaning forward on couch

Jenna is a 31-year-old mom and this is her second labor. She had a straightforward birth with her daughter, now three. This pregnancy was uneventful, so she decided to have a home birth this time.

Jenna's story:

When I was eight days overdue, my midwife did a "stretch and strip" of my cervix to encourage labor. I then had a couple of bloody shows (see The "bloody show") and irregular contractions. In the night I woke with contractions 20 minutes apart. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I had a warm bath, took a couple of acetaminophens, and went back to bed. My daughter woke at 6:45 am and we had breakfast. My contractions were every 10 minutes and getting stronger, so my husband stayed home.

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8:00 AM

My contractions were every 5 minutes, stronger, and lasting 50-60 seconds. My husband called the midwife. She said she was on her way and advised me to stay active. I started to use the TENS machine on a low setting, which helped me focus. I found standing and rocking my pelvis back and forth and from side to side helpful and I used a birthing ball. My husband was supportive, massaging my shoulders and under my abdomen where it hurt most; I found the heat from his hands soothing. My daughter held my hand.

pregnant woman having contraction on couch

8:40 AM

The midwife arrived. She checked my blood pressure, pulse, and temperature, felt my belly, listened to the baby's heart, and took a urine sample, which relieved some pressure in my pubic area. She confirmed that I was in established labor since my cervix was 5 cm dilated. My cervix was thinning, the head was pressing down, and my membranes were intact. I remained active, using TENS, and leaning forward. My husband put on a relaxing CD.

9:50 AM

My contractions were every two minutes, very strong, and lasting 60 seconds. I tried walking and marching on the spot. My mom arrived and took my daughter to the park. I felt hot and so I had a cool drink and my midwife dabbed my face with a cool, wet cloth. I found kneeling on all fours, rocking and arching my back, helpful.

10:30 AM

My contractions were very painful. My midwife listened to the heartbeat intermittently.

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11:00 AM

I felt an urge to push. My water broke and my contractions were very strong and each minute. I felt panicky, but my midwife encouraged me, saying she thought the baby would be born soon; my husband helped me focus by breathing slowly. My midwife confirmed that I was fully dilated and ready to push. I somehow found the energy to bear down and felt the head emerge. I took a breath, concentrated, and pushed my baby out. My baby boy was born at 11:14 am, 8 lb 2 oz, and my husband cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating. I delivered my placenta without drugs. My midwife advised me to put my baby to my breast to stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which causes contractions and helps the placenta to come away.

11:40 AM

My placenta was delivered.

The Midwife's Comments:

Jenna and her husband prepared well and worked as a team. Jenna was active for most of labor, and stayed focused. Her feelings of panic in the transition period were normal, but her husband and I gave her extra support. By working with her instincts she found inner strength and had a normal birth. Her labor was nine hours, about average for a second-time mom.

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