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Valentine's Day Decorations, Cards and Crafts

Make Valentine's Day fun and special with these homemade projects —, traditional Valentine cards, crafts, pictures, and all things heart-shaped. You and your family can create them together.
"Love" Printable Valentine Card

"Love" Printable Valentine Card

With this love note card, you can spread some love on Valentine's more
Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath Craft

3 Cute and Quick Valentine's Day Crafts

Making Valentine's Day crafts together is a perfect way to spend time with your little love! These three easy Valentine's Day crafts can be done in less than a half-hour each and create keepsakes that can be treasured forever. 1. Wrapped in Loveread more

A Flocked Box for Your Valentine

A Flocked Box for Your Valentine Create a Valentine's Day work of art with your kids by making this professional-looking flocked box to hold their jewelry or more

A Hearty Valentine's Welcome

A Hearty Valentine's Welcome Welcome visitors to your home with this lovely heart-shaped slate sign. You can put this out for Valentine's Day or make other signs with your kids' names on them to hang on their bedroom more
Be My Valentine Printable Card

Be My Valentine Printable Card

Ask that special someone those famous words: Will you be my Valentine? With this Valentine's Day more
Colorful Valentine's Day Cards

Colorful Valentine's Day Cards

These printable Valentine's Day cards are an exclusive giveaway that are ready to print and use for FREE! Your kids can print off and cut out these fun and colorful Valentines for all of their friends. Also check out these printable valentines kids can more
Cupid Cut and Color

Cupid Cut and Color

Celebrate Valentine's Day with this Cupid printable coloring more

Funny Valentines for Kids

Funny Valentines for KidsAge: Preschool through elementaryTime: 30 minutes or moreType of activity: Arts and Crafts Your child will have a ball creating these quirky decorations that you can hang around your home for Valentine's Day. Materials Needed:read more
Happy Valentine's Day Card

Happy Valentine's Day Card

Put a smile on someone's face this Valentine's Day -- send this card!read more

Heart Prints

Heart Prints Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes Materials:read more
Heart Puzzle

Heart Puzzle

Children cut apart pieces of a heart puzzle and then reassemble it in this Valentine's Day more

Heart Window Decorating

Heart Window Decorating Materials Plain or construction paper Scissors Can of spray-on artificial snow Directions Fold several pieces of paper in half and cut out heart shapes in varying sizes. The pieces of paper out of which the hearts have been cut will serve as stencils. Tape them to the window in an interesting arrangement and spray with artificial snow. Remove the stencils to see the heart shapes on the window. read more

Heart-to-Heart Valentine's Wreath

Heart-to-Heart Valentine's Wreath This simple Valentine's Day wreath would make an elegant decoration for your home or a perfect gift for a friend or relative. Holiday Hints You could change the look of the lace heart wreath by using dried roses and baby's breath in the center as decorations instead of hearts and satin roses. You also might want to try making a grapevine heart-shaped wreath by wiring eucalyptus branches and dried or satin flowers around the wreath and topping it off with a satin more

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards Bonding Experiences Before you get out the paper lace and red construction paper, do a little research with your children about the history of St. Valentine's Day and the superstitions and customs surrounding it. To get you started, check out Tokens of Love by Roberta B. Etter (Abbeville Press, 1990) and point your browser to Valentine's Day History on the more


Kisses Activity for an individual child Age group: 30-40 months Duration of activity: 10 minutes Materials: White construction or bond paper Lipstick in a variety of colors Facial tissue This activity will be particularly enticing if you have a child who likes to put on mommy's more

Marbleized Valentine Heart

Marbleized Valentine HeartYour toddler can make a marbleized Valentine's Day card with tempera paints and a small rolling more

Pin-Pricked Paper Heart Card

Pin-Pricked Paper Heart CardMaterials: Fairly stiff white paper (lamp shade paper works well; get it white on one side, colored on the other)Red construction paper (or other kind of paper)A sharp needle or piercer (like a small skewer) glue (optional)Directions:Draw or make a template first and trace around a heart for your basic outside more

Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Print, cut, color, and seal with a kiss. These fun Valentine's Day cards are perfect for kids to give to someone special this Valentine's more

Secret Valentine's Day Messages

Secret Valentine's Day MessagesInstead of handing out traditional valentines, your child can send messages in the following fun ways. Directionsread more

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Thanksgiving Tablecloth Activity for an individual child or a group Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 20 minutes Materials: 1 large light-colored flat sheet (white or yellow works best) Black fabric marker Fabric paints Your toddler will feel that she is truly contributing to the holiday when she helps makes this festive more