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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys (Because They’re Never Too Old!)

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a 10-year-old boy or tween boy can be tough. Here are Valentine's Day present ideas boys will love no matter how old they get.
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys
Updated: January 19, 2023

There are plenty of ways to show your son some love on Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a 10-year-old, or a young teen, there are many fun gift ideas for boys.

Buy something fun or DIY a present for your little one or older child. Since we are only a few months past giving holiday gifts, a Valentine’s present can be something smaller, to help them feel special and show them you care.

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If you need some inspiration for the perfect present for your little love, check out our gift guide for plenty of fun valentine present suggestions to help tell your kid “I Love You,” whether you're planning the gift in advance or picking it up last minute.

Valentines Gifts for Tween or Young Teen Boys

The best Valentine’s Day gifts are thoughtful and chosen with the recipient in mind. Think about what your son likes. Gifting him things that he can use, like a t-shirt or water bottle, are great reminders of your love for them. 

Snacks and sweet treats are also favorites with tween boys. Some little kids and younger tweens may like a stuffed animal, though there are many more options out there beyond teddy bears.

1. Squishmallow Planet Plush 

Squishmallow Planet Plush

Price: $19.99, Amazon

Squishmallow stuffed animals are a cross between a teddy bears or other critters, and a pillow. They come in a variety of animals and objects, in different sizes and price points, so there is something for everyone. 

lf your kid enjoys geography, they will likely love to cuddle this cute little plush earth toy!

2. Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

Price: $15.29 for six, Amazon

Is bath time a struggle? Make it more fun for your little paleontologist with these dinosaur egg bath bombs. They’ll have fun watching them dissolve. The colorful bath water will make getting cleaned up a more enjoyable experience. And the surprise dinosaur toy inside is a bonus.

3. Personalized Wallet

Personalized Wallet

Price: $39.99, Etsy

A wallet is a good gift to help your kid learn how to manage money, keep track of important cards, and shop for themselves. 

They’ll love this customized wallet from Etsy, with their name stitched on it.

4. Star Wars Lego Set 

Star Wars Lego Set

Price: $15.79, Amazon

Not many characters are more adorable than baby Yoda. The force will be with your son when they build their own Grogu and Mandalorian using this Star Wars Lego set. 

If they’re more of a fan of other episodes or a different Star Wars series on Disney+, there are plenty of other sets available from Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

5. Personalized Book 

Personalized Book

Price: $29.99 and up

Are you raising a little reader? He’ll be super excited to see himself in a story. Get your son a personalized book where he’s the star, like this Where’s Waldo-inspired picture book. 

Spend time together looking for him in the photos, or let him study the images in this one-of-a-kind search-and-find book on his own.

6. Sports Cards 

Woodbridge, New Jersey USA - February 18, 2014: A pile of vintage baseball cards from the 1970s New York Yankees

Price: Various priced packs on Amazon

Is your kid a big fan of basketball? Do they love soccer, or baseball? Maybe their favorite sport is football? 

No matter what game they enjoy, there are sports cards available of their favorite plays at a variety of price points. Buy them their first deck, or expand on their current collection.

7. Pokémon Cards 

Pokemon Cards

Price: Varies, but this good Pokemon starter deck deck is $20.45, Amazon

If you were a Pokemon fan as a kid, a great gift idea is a starter card deck to get them into the game as well. There are a variety of themes available, but this two deck pack from Amazon will set you up to battle together as they learn the rules of the game.

8. Kanoodle Genius 3-D Puzzle 

Kanoodle Genius 3-D Puzzle

Price: $14.64, Amazon

If your son loves to solve puzzles or is curious about building or fixing things, this 3-D puzzle for kids age 8 and older could be a fun challenge for them to enjoy during the wintertime. The options are almost endless with more than 200 challenges.

9. Hover Soccer Ball 

Hover Soccer Ball

Price: $24.00, Amazon

Give your little soccer player a different way to play with this fun hover soccer ball, fun for kids 6 and up to enjoy on their own, or with friends and family. This toy requires batteries, but will help kids get moving and have fun.

Valentines Gifts for Kids of All Ages 

These Valentine day ideas are perfect for both little ones and older kids. There’s something everyone will love! 

10. Sticker Book 

Child's hand, Kid's hand is sticking rocket sticker on space education activity book. Space education activity for school student.

Price: 1000 Stickers for Boys book is $6.99 on Amazon

Stickers are versatile, and can be placed on your child’s favorite objects, from a laptop to a phone, folder, or notebook. With 1,000 stickers of various themes, this sticker book will keep 10 year-old boys busy.

11. Ice Cream Shop Gift Card 

Boy eating an ice cream standing near seafront. Little boy on vacation treating himself to an ice cream.

Cost varies, Amazon

Make it a sweet Valentine’s Day by treating your son a trip to their favorite area ice cream shop.

12. Homemade Cupcakes 

other and son are preparing muffins. The boy is putting the dough into the muffin cups

If you’re on a budget, you can make cupcakes for your little one for Valentine’s Day. Homemade can be from scratch or a mix in their favorite flavor. Decorate with their favorite colors, candies, or themed decorative pieces.

13. Video Game Gift Card 

Video Game Gift Card

Price: Steam or Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, Roblox, Etc., price varies on Amazon

Let your little gamer pick what they want with a gift card valued at your choice amount, for their console. A gift card lets them get exactly what video game they want, and can show them you are interested in their hobby.

14. Light-Up Wire Craft Kit 

Light-Up Wire Craft Kit

Price: $34.95, KiwiCo

If you want to work more STEM activities into your son’s life, the perfect Valentine’s Gift for your tween or older child could be a craft kit like this light-up wire project. 

Kids can shape the wire however they want, and when the project is complete they will have their own little decoration to display on the included stand. 

You may be able to help, or they can take the lead and show you their skills!

15. Personalized The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book 

Personalized The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

Price: $40, Etsy

Most children are fans of this beloved board book when they’re little, so giving your tween a personalized version of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle is a sweet way to strike up some nostalgia over something you used to read together. You can let them read it themselves, and share memories you had enjoying it together.


For even more gift ideas that 10-year-old boys will love any time of year, check out The Ultimate List of Gifts for 10-Year-Old Boys

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