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10 Podcasts for Kids

Looking for ways to keep the kids busy and learning? Consider podcasts. Here are our favorite podcasts for preschoolers and elementary-aged kids that parents will enjoy too.
10 great podcasts for kids of all ages
By: Brittany McCabe

Podcasts are a great alternative to shake up screen time and allow for good old-fashioned listening skills to bloom.

Podcasts can easily be integrated into your existing homeschooling plan - children can utilize listening and comprehension skills, and together you can build dynamic conversations of your own during or after podcasts. My kids love incorporating podcasts during mealtimes - listening to stories while they munch on lunch has quickly become a favorite in our house. Some other fun ways to implement podcasts during your daily routine can be cloud-gazing on a blanket in the backyard while listening to stories or taking drives to change up the scenery while throwing on a great podcast the whole family can enjoy.

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Here are some family-friendly podcasts that will be enjoyed by all ages - from preschool to adulthood.

Podcasts for Preschoolers

Noodle Loaf

This podcast was created by a music education specialist and is a fun and interactive way to get your little ones involved in the listening process while learning a thing or two. Noodle Loaf episodes are only ten minutes long, making them a perfect option for keeping distracted learners interested. Families will enjoy this podcast because it is filled with silly storytelling that makes learning a bit more fun and interesting.

Circle Round

Created by parents of young children, this is brought to you by NPR and carefully selects folktales from around the world. Each episode ranges from 10-20 minutes and always touches on an important message such as kindness or generosity. Each episode culminates with an activity to encourage deeper thinking and conversation, plus it is a great way to introduce new cultures to kids.

Dream Big

This podcast features a mom and daughter duo who interview all sorts of people pursuing their dreams. Dream Big is a wonderful way to expose kids to different types of careers, learn about different avenues in life, and focus on the perseverance of one’s dreams. Dream Big is a fun way to delve further into your kids’ passions and spark adventures.


Created by a dad of two littles, this podcast tells fun and engaging stories for young listeners with help from other parents. Episodes range around 20 minutes long and can be used as a fun way to change up a bedtime story, or used alongside play. However you choose to implement Storytime, it is sure to keep kids engaged in great storytelling and encourage them to share their own stories.

Sesame Street Podcast

No introduction needed, we all know and love Sesame Street. They now have a short podcast that is an extension of the show, and  teaches and promotes all of the qualities we appreciate from the original version. Your family will enjoy listening and learning with Elmo and friends and is a great choice to build on simple foundations with your little one.

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Podcasts for Elementary School Kids and Older

Wow in the World

Another great podcast from NPR, hosts Mindy and Guy guide families on awesome adventures through current news and science and technology. Episodes range from 10-20 minutes and are fun and captivating for both parents and kids. What is not to love about learning along with your kids?! This podcast can count for a science lesson if you are homeschooling.

But Why

A podcast for curious kids, this podcast is hosted by Melany and Jane, two journalists from NPR. This is a podcast completely child-driven, where kids submit questions and they cover the answers. Episodes range from 20-45 minutes. This clever name caught my attention right away, because anyone who understands how children think, know they are driven by curiosity. With its wide range of topics, this is a great podcast for everyone to learn some cool facts. But Why is a great way to encourage kids to think of some of their own burning questions and to seek answers.

Short and Curly

Hosted by Carl, Molly, and Dr. Matt, this podcast focuses on real-life problems and solutions for kids. Short and Curly is an ethics podcast that helps to get wheels turning and assists parents in asking their kids' tough questions that make them think. Each 20-minute episode keeps conversation fast-paced and poses thought-provoking questions. Short and Curly is great to implement since the topics can be discussed afterward as a family and since sometimes kids do better when someone other than their parent poses the question.

The Past & The Curious

This podcast is hosted by Mick Sullivan who is passionate about spreading the amazing stories of history. This fun, creative, and engaging podcast will captivate both parents and kids alike while learning all sorts of important and interesting tidbits about history. Episodes range from 20-30 minutes. If you are looking for an interesting way to approach important topics, this is a great place to start; plus, you will learn something, too!

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

A scripted podcast hosted by middle-grade students, it can be described as a serial mystery likened to “Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger,” in other words, sold! Episodes are approximately 15 minutes long and are as good as captivating storytelling gets. Mars Patel can be enjoyed by the whole family and may even encourage some storytelling of your own. This podcast can be a great start to encourage some creative writing at home by brainstorming some topics together that are inspired by the story.

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