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  • Fathers Day gifts, shaving kit for men
    Father's Day Gifts
    Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas
    Looking for some Father's Day gift ideas that are sure to please Dad? Check out some classic and new gifts that will let your father know how much you love and appreciate him. Include a nice note on one of these printable Father's Day cards. ...
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    Homemade Gifts and Other Gift Ideas
    The Gift Quiz
    The Gift Quiz Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when giving a gift: Why am I giving it? Is it sincere? Am I giving it without strings attached? Does it reflect the receiver's taste—not mine? Is it too extravagant? Is it kind? (Beware of g...
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    Teacher Appreciation Week
    Top 10 End-of-the-Year Gifts for Teachers
    At the end of the school year, it's nice to thank your child's teachers for a job well done! Here are 10 unique teacher gifts that are sure to delight your favorite educator. Most cost under $50. Include a nice note on one of these printable tea...
    Erin Dower
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    Interacting With People
    Children and Gift Giving
    Children and Gift Giving If a child wants to give a teacher a gift at Christmas or Hanukkah, on a birthday, or at the end of the school year, the gift should not be extravagant. In fact, encourage your child to get the class to offer a gift to...
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    Gift Wrap
    Fun Ways to Wrap Gifts
    Fun Ways to Wrap Gifts In its most basic terms, gift wrapping is a means of hiding or disguising a gift. It's supposed to add to the presentation, as well as to the suspense and enjoyment of getting a gift. Most of us have undoubtedly exclaimed ...
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    Homemade Holiday Gifts
    Homemade Holiday Gifts Just as you and your children can use all your crafting skills for making ornaments, you can make truly beautiful and useful gifts that are always one of a kind. With your gift lists beside you, review some craft project i...
  • Top Birthday Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
    Best Birthday Gifts
    Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers
    Finding just the right birthday gifts for children can be tough. Our list of great birthday gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers can help. You'll find gift ideas ranging from educational gifts to pretend play toys, to activity and artistic to...
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    Giftmaking Supplies
    Ingredients for Gift Making
    Ingredients for Gift Making Seasonal Sense Textile medium is a liquid helper that transforms acrylic paints into washable fabric paints. The advantage of this medium is that you don't have to spend a fortune on fabric paints that you wouldn't o...
  • Painted Gift Wrap Activity for Kids
    Gift Wrap
    Smoothie Gift Wrap
    Smoothie Gift WrapMaterials Thick, white paper (butcher paper works well) Water-based paints (tempera) Spoons Cling wrap Muffin pan or paper cups Directions Mix and pour paints into a muffin pan or paper cups. Spread paper onto a flat surface...
  • String Painted Gift Wrap Activity for Kids
    Gift Wrap
    Stringy Gift Wrap
    Stringy Gift WrapMaterials White newsprint paper Water-based paints (tempera) Toilet paper cardboard tubes Newspaper Thick string Muffin pan Paint brushes Directions Place several colors of paint in a muffin pan with a separate paintbrush f...
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    Mother's Day Gifts
    Mom's Memory Box
    Mom's Memory BoxAge: Preschool and upTime: An afternoon Type of activity: Arts and Crafts Make Mother's Day -- or any day -- special when you give this gift that's made of love and happy memories. Materials:NewspaperShoe or hat boxAcrylic paintCo...
    Christine Dvornik
  • Self-Portrait Jigsaw Puzzle Activity for Kids
    Self-Portrait Puzzle and Gift
    Self-Portrait Puzzle and Gift Materials Large photo of your child (9" x 12") Cardboard Strong glue Scissors Directions Cut the cardboard the same size as the photo. Glue the photo to the cardboard. Turn it over, and on the cardboard side, draw...
  • Photo Paperweight Activity for Kids
    Picture Paperweight
    Picture PaperweightMaterials A smooth rock Child's photo Waxed paper Tempera paint Liquid glue Paint brush Directions Mix ¼ cup of tempera paint with ¼ cup of glue. Clean and dry rock and place it on waxed paper. Have your child paint the ...
  • Painted Soap Activity for Kids
    Homemade Gifts and Other Gift Ideas
    Painted Soap
    Painted SoapMaterials Bar of soap Water-based paints Small paintbrushes Directions Place soap on a sheet of newspaper. Mix paints and put colors in separate containers (paper cups). Let your child paint directly onto the soap with brushes or he...
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    Gift Wrap
    Make Your Own Wrapping Paper
    Make Your Own Wrapping Paper Paper Tigers Just like gift boxes and bags, wrapping paper doesn't have to be humdrum, either. Here are some inventive ideas for either creating your own wrapping papers or using paper materials you have on hand in ...
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    Homemade Gifts and Other Gift Ideas
    Soap on a Rope
    Soap on a RopeMaterials Slivers of soap you have saved Double boiler Juice can or muffin tin for mold Heavy yarn or twine Directions For this project, you need to save bits and pieces of soap—the more colors the better. Once you have many bits...
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Learning Activities for Toddlers
    Apple Candlesticks
    Apple CandlesticksTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials Paring knifePlastic wrapPotato peelerLemon juice2 Rome Beauty apples2 candles Directions You will probably want an extra apple to cut up and eat as you make these attractive table decorations. Cor...
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    Valentine's Day Decorations, Cards and Crafts
    Valentine Soaps
    Valentine SoapsHeart-shaped soap is easy to make and is a nice gift for teachers, friends, and family members. Materials Heart-shaped cookie cutters, baking sheet, and tape (or foil liners and miniature muffin pan) 1 1/2 cups pure soap flakes or ...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book