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15 Free Mother's Day Printable Cards and Gifts

We've curated a list of the best printable Mother's Day cards and DIY gifts that kids can make for mom in a pinch this year.
Mother's Day Activities
Updated: December 1, 2022

Mother’s Day is coming, and if you need a special gift for the amazing mom in your life, look no further than this list of DIY printables and cards. Greeting cards cost upwards of five or six dollars on Amazon and other stores, and are nowhere near as unique as a sweet card created or colored by her little one.

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Many kids bring these special Mother’s Day cards and gifts home from school or child care, but you can also do these as a special activity at home in order to provide mom with your own DIY Mother’s Day gift.

Whether you need a last-minute gift or you want to customize your gift for the best mom ever, our list has you covered!

1. Love You Bunches Grandma Card

I Love You Bunches Card

What better way to let grandma know she’s special than to send her this adorable Love You Bunches card! This beautiful printable card is free to download, and print and your child can include their very own special message or picture to grandma inside.

Download the card here.

2. Super Hero Mom Printable Card

Super Mom Card

All moms are superheroes but if your mom is a lover of Spiderman or Superman then this is the ideal card for her! This adorable printable is sure to bring a smile to any mom’s face.

The card is blank inside which leaves plenty of room for your kid to write their own unique Mother’s Day message to their super mom!

Download the free printable card here.

See all of our free printable Mother's Day cards here.

3. Mother’s Day Book - Four to Love

The website Four to Love offers a wonderful card template to make a Mother’s Day book for the special lady in your child’s life. What makes this black and white template great is that the “to” section is blank, so your child can make these for mom, grandma, a special aunt, step-mom, or anyone else they want to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Your child gets to add the unique details and color their own pictures, making this indeed a one-of-a-kind card.

Get the book here.

4. Colorful Printable Mother’s Day Card

Super Mom Card

This beautiful and colorful free printable card is ideal for the new mom in your life. This lovely card showcases a mom holding her baby in the air in an iconic mom and new baby pose.

If you know someone celebrating their first Mother’s Day or who has recently added a new baby to their family, consider sending them this one-of-a-kind card. The blank inside means you can create a personalized message for the unique mom in your life.

Download the card here.

5. Mother’s Day Coupons

Mom Coupon

The printable coupon trend has been going on for quite some time, and with good reason, it never goes out of style! These adorable coupons are a great way to say “Thank You” to an amazing mom.

This past year, even more than most moms have been putting in the extra work to keep families running. Show mom how much you care by providing her coupons to take some of the workload off her shoulders.

These coupons are customizable, so you can fill in the blank with whatever the special woman in your life will appreciate the most. I recommend including a few loads of laundry on there!

Download free printable Mother’s Day cards here.

6. Adult Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Do you know a mom who loves to color or draw? Consider printing off this detailed, floral adult coloring page and gifting it with a box of brand-new colored pencils.

Research has shown that coloring reduces stress, so what better way to tell mom you love her than to provide her with an activity that will knock down her stress levels a few notches!

If you’re someone who loves to color, consider coloring in this page yourself, adding a personalized message and date on the back, and framing it for mom to hang in a special place.

Download free printable coloring pages here.

7. All About Mom - Paper Heart Family

Nothing is cuter than kids talking about their moms! It is always a delight to see mom from their tiny perspective. A delightful way to capture those moments in time is with an All-About-Mom, or I love Mom because… style card.

Paper Heart Family offers some adorable printables that have beautiful colors on them. Consider printing these off on cardstock to make them more durable or laminating them after your child is finished coloring.

Download it here.

8. “Do Not Disturb” Door Sign

Do Not Disturb Sign

What do moms love? Naps! Or they at least love some quiet time. If you know a mom who deserves some quiet, restful time (and really don’t we all?), then consider printing off and laminating this adorable little door sign.

Mom’s with young kids will especially appreciate this gesture and may find it that much more amusing to receive from their little loud and busy toddler or preschooler!

Download it here.

9. Cupcake Toppers - Simple Easy Creative

Mom’s deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day, so why not bake her a treat! Children love to bake (and it’s educational), so why not say Happy Mother’s Day by baking mom some delicious cupcakes and adding these delightful, floral cupcake toppers.

If you’re short on time, purchase cupcakes from a local bakery and then add the cupcake toppers. Either way, with messages like, “I love you, mom” and “Marvelous Mom,” these are sure to be a big win!

Download it here.

10. Straw Flower Bouquet - Free Kids Crafts

If you are looking for some Mother’s Day Crafts, then Free Kids Crafts is a great website to check out. I especially love the straw flower bouquet. Part printable, part craft, these flowers are the perfect way to show mom you love her.

With a few simple supplies and some colorful paper for the printer, this mom printable is genuinely adorable, and unlike fresh flowers, these will stay fresh forever!

Download it here.

11. Printable Bookmark

Printable Bookmark

Know a mom who is a bookworm? This cute printable bookmark may be just the thing to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day.

I love to read, and I have dozens of bookmarks and will always welcome one more!

Print off this bookmark on some cardstock, have your child write a message to mom on the back, and then laminate it so she can use it for years of future reading

Download it here.

12. Watercolor Printables - The Happy Housie

If you want to make a piece of artwork, mom will treasure forever look at the free ecard printables on The Happy Housie. These beautiful watercolor cards can be printed and framed to make a Mother’s Day keepsake.

These beautiful floral cards come in various colors so that you can pick out mom’s favorite. Make it memorable by having your kids write a message and sign their names on the back with the year before framing it.

Download it here.

13. Printable Mother’s Day Bouquet Card

Bouquet Card

This lovely floral card is a great printable for any mom in your life. With a simple message reading “Happy Mother’s Day,” you can print this card and give it to as many special moms in your life as you need to.

The blank inside allows you to individualize each message making this much more meaningful than something mass-produced and bought at the store. Plus, since it simply says “Happy Mother’s Day,” you can give it to a neighbor, co-worker, or other mom in your life that you feel deserves recognition.

Download it here.

14. Ecards - Greetings Island

If mom is far away, consider sending her a customizable ecard from Greetings Island. Here you can find everything from a funny Mother’s Day card to cards letting mom know she is your best friend. Some cards even allow you to add your own photos! One of my personal favorites is the Mommy Shark card!

Sending and printing cards does require you sign up but regular membership is free. These colorful cards are stunning and a special and easy way to send mom a Happy Mother’s Day card.

Send a free e-card here.

15. Spa Kit - Moritz Fine Designs

One of my favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas is a homemade spa kit. On the website Moritz Fine Designs, you can find DIY homemade essential oil recipes for a variety of spa treatments. They also include a free printable to make labels for the various products and a printable recipe sheet if mom wants to make them again.

This gift idea takes a bit more planning and cash than some of the other free printables, but I know any mom out there would appreciate the extra pampering and spa treatment on her special day!

Get started here.

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