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Pirate Costume for Kids

Pirates are hotter than ever, thanks to the hit Disney movies. You can make a pirate costume at home by following these simple directions. There's no sewing required.

Pirate Costume for Kids

Time: 10 minutes

Effort: Easy - no sewing required


  • Pirate hat
  • White shirt (T-shirt or flowing, ruffled button-down)
  • Red sash for the waist
  • Eye patch
  • Gray ripped skirt, pants, capris, or shorts
  • Clip-on gold hoop earring
  • Plastic sword
  • Black eye pencil or face paint
  • Parrot Beanie Baby or other stuffed parrot to attach to shoulder
  • Black leggings (optional)
  • Bandana to wear on head (optional)

Instructions: Have your child put on the clothes and accessories. If you don't have an eye patch, you can make one with face paint. You can also draw a beard, mustache, and scars. Have him practice saying "Arrgghh" and "Ahoy there, Matey."

Tips: An old, red, bolero-style jacket or old vest would look nice, too. So would a belt with a large shiny buckle to hold the sword. Boots that go up to the child's knees would be a nice touch, as long as they aren't so big that the child trips when walking in them.

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