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Headless Person Costume

Follow these simple directions to create a Headless Person costume.

Headless Person Costume

Time: 10-15 minutes

Effort: Quick and easy - some sewing required for Variations I and II


  • Black turtleneck
  • Black pants
  • Black sheet with eyeholes cut out
  • Plastic skull
  • Cardboard box with eyeholes cut out

Instructions: Have your child put on the black clothing and then put the box over her head. Put the sheet over that, so it looks like she has no head ... and then have her hold the skull in her hand and have fun!

Variation I:

  • Old black sweatshirt
  • Old black T-shirt
  • Black cape
  • Black sweatpants
  • Plastic pumpkin
  • Grim Reaper mask with mesh
  • Small flashlight (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

Instructions: Cut a small hole to see through in the T-shirt. Cut a small hole, not quite big enough for a head to fit through, in the bucket. Put the pants on. Put the sweatshirt on. Put the grim reaper's mask on. Sew top of T-shirt together so your head won't get through. Put T-shirt on so you can see through the mask but it covers your head. Put cape on top of head, then place pumpkin on top (that way, if you take the pumpkin off, it looks like there is no head).
(Optional) Tape small flashlight in pumpkin, creating the illusion that the eyes glow.

Tips: You may want to cut the sleeves off the T-shirt, then make the hole where the sleeves were bigger so your arms will be comfortable, not pulled way up.

Variation II:
Same materials as above, plus grocery bags.

Sew the arms of the T-shirt shut and stuff grocery bags in the sleeves to make shoulders. You can cut up the side of the T-shirt to help your child move a little better.

Variation III:

  • Football shoulder pads
  • Rope
  • Winter scarf
  • Trench coat
  • Black gloves
  • Black pants
  • Large black boots
  • Black face makeup
  • Safety pins
  • Plastic pumpkin
  • Old black T-shirt
  • Socks

Paint face black. Put on pants/socks/boots/shirt (to avoid rope burns!) Put shoulder pads on your child's head and secure under armpits with rope. Put trench coat on over the shoulder pads. Tack open (with pins) a little peephole between buttons, so your child can see out. Tack scarf around neck opening (with pins) like you would wear it normally, except cover the opening. Don't cover the peephole. Have him put on black gloves and grab his head (the pumpkin, that is)!

Note: Gets a bit warm. Child may need help maneuvering uneven areas!

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