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Flapper Costume for Preschoolers

Follow these simple directions to create a Flapper Halloween costume for preschoolers.

Flapper Costume for Preschoolers

Time: 30 minutes or less

Effort: Quick and easy – no sewing required


  • Dress-up sequined leotard
  • Four-foot boa
  • Sweatpants or skirt
  • Dress-up "flapper" hat with feathers and sequins
  • Onesie or long-sleeved shirt
  • Black patent leather shoes
  • Several small safety pins
  • Scissors

Instructions: Cut the boa in half. Have your child put on the leotard, and pants or skirt. Take half of the boa and cut it so it fits around the cuffs of the shirt and the bottom of the pants or skirt. Attach with pins.

Use the other piece of boa to wrap around your child's neck and shoulders like a diva. Comb your child's hair in a cute 1920's style and put the hat on her. You may also use some of the boa to accent her shoes. Black patent leather shoes are the cutest with this outfit.

Other details: Make sure that you secure all the pins.

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