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Charlie Chaplin Costume

Follow these simple instructions to make a Charlie Chaplin costume for Halloween.

Charlie Chaplin Costume

Time: 10-15 minutes

Effort: Quick and easy — no sewing required


  • Black derby hat
  • Worn-out blazer
  • White dress shirt or undershirt
  • Black pants
  • Worn out black shoes
  • Black face paint (or mom's eye pencil)
  • Black mascara (or black eye shadow)
  • Cane

Instructions: Dress your child in all the clothes, leaving the hat until last. Leave the shirt untucked. Apply eye shadow to the entire area of both eyes. Draw a small, wide mustache that doesn't quite extend the width of your child's upper lip. Darken your child's eyebrows, too.

Other details: Remind your child to walk with his feet pointing outward, twirling the cane below his knees. (Doing this from time to time will suffice.)

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