popular topics in halloween fun and activities

  • Entertainment and Activities
    Scary Movies
    Dracula Quiz
    Test your knowledge about Dracula and other famous vampires. ...
    David Johnson
  • Mazes Printables
    Heads Up!
    In this printable, ride through the maze to help the headless horseman find his head. ...
  • Halloween candy and carved pumpkins
    History of Halloween
    The Spooktacular History of Halloween
    Halloween is not just about dressing up in costumes and asking for candy! It's a holiday steeped in folklore and customs. From carving pumpkins to trick or treating, each ghoulish tradition has its own fascinating tale. And speaking of history, c...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Word Searches Printables
    Trick or Treat? Word Search
    Look through this word-search printable to find words for "Tricks" and words for "Treats." ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Where's the Party?
    Break the code in this printable to figure out what the Halloween invitation says and who sent it. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Mystery Treats
    Look at the ingredients listed in this printable. Can you tell what Halloween treat the recipe belongs to? ...
  • Movie,TheLittleVampire
    Halloween Fun and Activities
    Vampire Fever
    Vampires have always been popular in the media, but now it seems like the blood-sucking creatures are everywhere you turn! To make sure young eyes aren't peeping at overly scary scenes, we've provided a list of age-appropriate vampire books, TV s...
  • Addition and Subtraction Printables
    Costly Costumes
    Browse the printable to find items for Annie's costume ideas. Add up the items for each costume to figure out which costume Annie can afford. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Perfect Timing
    Follow the directions in this printable to figure out which of the trick-or-treaters is an alien. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    It's a Spooky Day in the Neighborhood
    Follow the directions in this printable to figure out where each child lives in this spooky neighborhood. ...
  • Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies for Kids
    13 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies for Kids
    Nothing says Halloween like Night of the Living Dead, The Ring, or...well...Halloween. But what about Halloween movies that your kids can watch? We've rounded up our favorite 13 (get it? 13?) not-so-scary Halloween movies just for kids. Editor...
    Erin Dower
  • Halloween Activities Printables
    Mixed-Up Monsters
    The great monster game in this printable is fun to play with two or three friends. ...
  • Haunted Hink Pinks
    Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Haunted Hink Pinks
    Answer the riddles in this printable by finding rhyming words that each have one syllable. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    What's So Funny?
    Two ghosts are telling jokes in "spooktalk." Figure out their language to reveal the answer to the riddle in this printable. ...
  • Entertainment and Activities
    Halloween Fun and Activities
    Day of the Dead Quiz
    How much do you know about El Dia de los Muertos -- the Day of the Dead? ...
  • Connect the Dots Printables
    Creepy Carving
    Connect the dots in this printable to reveal the gravestone carving, then break the code to correctly name the carving. ...
  • Addition and Subtraction Printables
    Pounds of Pumpkins
    This printable uses pounds of pumpkins to help improve math skills. ...
  • Decoding Puzzles Printables
    Why a Disguise?
    Answer as many of the clues in this printable as you can, to break the code in the grid. ...