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Halloween Fun and Activities

Throw a smashing Halloween celebration! Find party-planning tips and fun games, crafts, and printables for kids.

10 Fun & Cheap Halloween Candy Alternatives

Candy, candy, candy! That's what's on most kids' minds as All Hallows' Eve creeps closer. This year, give those little goblins a fun surprise with cost-effective and unique alternatives to candy. Be a trendsetter this Halloween and pass out creative treats and toys. Who knows – you might become more popular than the house that passes out the king- sized candy bars! read more

10 Halloween Crafts for Kids

These Halloween crafts will get you and your child into the spooky spirit of the holiday! read more

10 Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

Want to prevent cavities and sugar highs in the aftermath of Halloween? Check out these ideas for recycling, rationing, and purging your child's heap of candy. read more

12 Spine-Tingling Halloween Movies for Teens

Older kids can handle a little bit of fright on Halloween, right? Check out this list of spooky movies that are just scary enough for older kids. They're all rated PG-13, but don't let that fool you— they'll still leave your teen with goose bumps! read more

8 Not-Too-Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween can be a little (or a lot) too scary and gory for preschoolers and kids of all ages — and even some adults! Find fun Halloween activities and party games that reduce the fear factor and make this creepy holiday more kid-friendly. read more

Bat Puppet

Gather the children and create a fun and spooky bat puppet for Halloween. read more

Bat Quiz

How much do you know about bats? Test your knowledge with our challenging quiz. read more

Cat Pattern

This Halloween printable is a fun decoration to use in October. Use these cat patterns for decoration on a bulletin board. read more

Cornhusk Doll

This medium-level project is great for creating a cornhusk doll for Halloween. read more

Costly Costumes

Browse the printable to find items for Annie's costume ideas. Add up the items for each costume to figure out which costume Annie can afford. read more

Create Your Own Jack-o'-Lantern

Create your own Halloween pumpkin. Click here to choose the eyes, nose, and mouth of this jack-o'-lantern. read more

Creepy Carving

Connect the dots in this printable to reveal the gravestone carving, then break the code to correctly name the carving. read more

Day of the Dead Quiz

How much do you know about El Dia de los Muertos -- the Day of the Dead? read more

Design Your Own Jack-O'-Lantern

Design Your Own Jack-O'-LanternOh, no! This page is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, check out our related content while we work on getting it back up and running. read more

Dracula Quiz

Test your knowledge about Dracula and other famous vampires. read more

Egg Carton Spider

Egg Carton SpiderMaterials Black tempera paint, markers, or crayons Cardboard egg carton Scissors Black pipe cleaners Red construction paper Glue Thread or yarn Directions read more

Ghastly Ghost Halloween Decoration

Ghastly Ghost Halloween Decoration Holiday Hints You can make a ghost stuffed with candy to serve at a Halloween party. Place wrapped candies in the ghost along with light newspaper stuffing. Substitute the white tissue paper glued onto the outside with newspaper strips. Allow this to dry and paint the ghost with white craft paint. Use a marker or black paint to make eyes and a mouth on your ghost. read more

Ghosts in the Trees

Ghosts in the TreesAn Imagination Station Activity Age: Preschool through elementaryTime: 30 minutes Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts read more

Glowing Pumpkin Drawing

Glowing Pumpkin DrawingThis Halloween activity will teach your preschooler about physical properties, as he watches wax crayon repel water-based tempera paint.Materials Construction paper Orange and black crayons Black (or other contrasting color) tempera paint and brush Varnish (optional) Directions read more

Go Batty!

It's time to test your knowledge of bats -- and watching Batman probably won't help! read more

Halloween Arts and Crafts Activity: Wicked Welcome

Halloween Arts and Crafts Activity: Wicked WelcomeA welcoming witch for your door. Scare away the goblins on trick-or-treat night by hanging this bewitching Halloween decoration on your front door. Level: Moderately difficult Time involved: Two to three hours Materials: read more

Halloween Candy Holder

Halloween Candy HolderAge: Preschool and upTime: An afternoon Type of activity: Arts and Crafts Your little one will love working on this project -- and thinking about all the candy that will fill her Halloween Bowl! read more

Halloween Painted Frankenstein Pot

Halloween Painted Frankenstein Pot It's time to decorate your house for Halloween. This week, help your child turn an empty flower pot into a not-so-scary Frankenstein. It's a great place to keep her candy -- if she doesn't eat it all! read more

Halloween Pumpkin Stationery

Kids can drop a note to friends and family on this Halloween stationery! read more

Halloween Quiz

Do you know the history of Halloween? Take our quiz and see if you can scare up the answers. read more

Haunted Hink Pinks

Answer the riddles in this printable by finding rhyming words that each have one syllable. read more

Haunted Maze

Help this trick-or-treater find his way to the haunted house! read more

Heads Up!

In this printable, ride through the maze to help the headless horseman find his head. read more

How Bewitching! 10 Best Books About Autumn and Halloween

What better time to curl up with a good book than the cozy (and spooky) days of fall. Check out our favorite children's books about everything from apples, pumpkins, and autumn leaves to ghosts, goblins, and some not-too-scary Halloween friends for your young bookworm. Looking for more? Use our Book Finder tool to search for new books for kids of all ages! read more

How Big?

Unscramble the letters in this printable to learn something about pumpkin-growing prizewinners. read more