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Halloween Activities Printables

Create Your Own Jack-o'-Lantern

Create your own Halloween pumpkin. Click here to choose the eyes, nose, and mouth of this jack-o'-lantern. read more

Creepy Carving

Connect the dots in this printable to reveal the gravestone carving, then break the code to correctly name the carving. read more

Eerie Invitations

Kids will have a blast with these printable Halloween invitations. They can use this arts & crafts project to invite friends and classmates to a Halloween party at home or in the classroom. read more

Halloween Party Invitations

Fill in and pass out these Halloween invitations to all the ghouls and goblins you want at your Halloween party. read more

Haunted Hink Pinks

Answer the riddles in this printable by finding rhyming words that each have one syllable. read more

Haunted Maze

Help this trick-or-treater find his way to the haunted house! read more

Heads Up!

In this printable, ride through the maze to help the headless horseman find his head. read more

How Big?

Unscramble the letters in this printable to learn something about pumpkin-growing prizewinners. read more

It's a Spooky Day in the Neighborhood

Follow the directions in this printable to figure out where each child lives in this spooky neighborhood. read more

Jack-O-Lantern Parts

Print out these jack-o-lantern parts, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. read more

Kids' Halloween Activity Book

This Kids' Halloween Activity Book is jam-packed with spooky word puzzles, creepy math games, boo-tastic brain benders, and more. Print it out now and get your children in the Halloween spirit! Due to the graphics in this PDF, it may take several minutes to download the file. read more

Mixed-Up Monsters

The great monster game in this printable is fun to play with two or three friends. read more

Mystery Treats

Look at the ingredients listed in this printable. Can you tell what Halloween treat the recipe belongs to? read more

Perfect Timing

Follow the directions in this printable to figure out which of the trick-or-treaters is an alien. read more

Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin

Have fun with this Halloween game. Color and cut out the pumpkin and the stem. read more

Pounds of Pumpkins

This printable uses pounds of pumpkins to help improve math skills. read more

Printable Jack-o'-Lantern Puzzle for Halloween

This printable Halloween puzzle is fun and teaches kids about the alphabet. Print out the puzzle and see if your kids can solve it by coloring in the consonants and vowels. read more

Spooky Word Search

Look across, up, down, and diagonally for the Halloween words in this word search. Check your answers with the attached answer key. read more

Trick or Treat?

Look through this word-search printable to find words for "Tricks" and words for "Treats." read more

What's So Funny?

Two ghosts are telling jokes in "spooktalk." Figure out their language to reveal the answer to the riddle in this printable. read more

Where's the Party?

Break the code in this printable to figure out what the Halloween invitation says and who sent it. read more

Why a Disguise?

Answer as many of the clues in this printable as you can, to break the code in the grid. read more

You Look Familiar

This printable is full of coloring and word games. See if you can solve these spooky puzzles. read more