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Car Safety

Air Bag Safety for Kids

Although designed to save lives, air bags still pose a very serious risk to children. read more

Auto Etiquette

Auto Etiquette A considerate driver is a safer, as well as a more appreciated, driver. Cars are so much a part of our everyday lives that we take them for granted and usually forget that driving manners cannot be separated from safety. Say What? A back seat driver is really getting on your nerves. What do you say? “You know, your comments are really interfering with my concentration. Can you hold off until the car is stopped?” Here are general tips that should be helpful for drivers and passengers: read more

How to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

It’s a tragedy we hear about far too often: a child dies after being left in an overheated vehicle. This year there has been a startling 32 hot car deaths, a record high. In July alone, there were 11 recorded incidences, making it the deadliest in a decade.   read more

Seat-Belt Safety Part I

Children demonstrate the importance of seat-belts and air bags in cars. read more

Seat-Belt Safety Part II

Children continue to demonstrate the importance of seat-belts and air bags in cars. read more

Winter Coats and Car Seats: An Unsafe Mix

Protecting your little one is a major concern for all parents, and if you live in a cold and snowy climate, add winter coats and car seats to your list. Thankfully, the American Academy of Pediatrics, through its website, offers some tips for car seat safety during the winter. read more