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12 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Your Kids

Traveling with kids on a long car trip — we've all been there. Before you've even crossed town lines the, "Are we there yet?" starts getting asked or, "How long until we get there?" via GIPHY read more

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?Time Up to 30 minutes Materials Map with the area to be covered on a tripPaperPen or pencil Directions Provide your child with a map for the trip, making sure that it includes a mileage guide or other easy way to determine how much space on the map equals a mile.Trace the route you plan to take with a magic marker.During the trip, have your child follow the route and estimate the distance traveled. Extensions read more

Car Book

Car BookMaterials Old magazines Scissors Construction paper Glue Clear contact paper Hole punch Ribbon Directions read more

Car Game: Where Is It?

Car Game: Where Is It?In this fun travel game for the car, name things that you see and ask your toddler to point to them.Directions As you're driving in the car, name things that you see and ask your toddler to point to them (for example, "Where is the tree?") If you?re waiting in a place where your child can move around, ask her to walk over to the object you name. read more

Cars Are Colorful

Cars Are Colorful Shout out when you see the colors of a rainbow! Who is the first one to see a purple car? Next, in order, look for a blue car, then green, yellow, orange, and last, red. make sure you all understand the rules: trucks and buses don't count. If you are the first to see a real rainbow, then you've won, hands down. So you can keep track of how far along you are, circle each color word in this paragraph as you see the matching car. read more

Collect a Sentence

Collect a Sentence What new and exciting things can you do with the things you see while you're traveling? Turn them into sentences, of course. read more

Color of the Day

Color of the DayDirections Before you set out on a car trip, choose a "Color of the Day." As you're driving in the car, shopping at the grocery store, or waiting at the doctor's office, help your toddler point to all the things she sees that match the color you've chosen. Help her identify those items. read more

Famous Initials

Famous Initials In this game, each person has to come up with the name of a famous person whose last name starts with a certain letter. As a group, you can decide whether the people need to be real people, or if famous names of fictional people count, too. For example, if you are trying to come up with famous people whose last names begin with "P," you'd say "Regis Philbin," and the next person might say "Harry Potter." read more

Felt Faces

Felt FacesMaterials Cardboard Scissors Felt Glue Pen or marker Ziploc bag, diaper-wipe container, or small shoebox for storage Directions read more

First to See

First to SeeTime 10 to 15 minutes Materials None Directions This is a fun game to play in the car or while taking a walk. Think of an object.The first one to see it gets to pick the next object to search for. Extensions Change the rule to be the first one who sees an object 3 times. Make it the first one to see 3 items in a sequence, like a car, baby, and an airplane. read more

Ghost Game

Ghost Game Since you're holding the printable, you get to start. But that means you need to read the directions, too! read more

Gridlock "Connect the Dots" Car Game

Enjoy your time on the road with this printable car game. It's easy and fun, and the whole family can get involved. read more

How to Avoid Car Craziness: 4 Tips for Fight-Free Travel with Kids

From the day you bring your baby home from the hospital, strapped carefully into his new infant car seat, little lamby blanket tucked gently around him, cars have been part of his existence. Some kids love car rides, some don't. Get some quick tips to prepare for the smoothest possible road trip with kids. read more

License Plate Scavenger Hunt

Pass time on the road by playing everyone's favorite car game, License Plate Scavenger Hunt. read more

Ninety-Nine Bottles of...

Ninety-Nine Bottles of... Okay, everybody knows the tune, and everybody knows that there is a whole lot of beer involved. And you probably also know that as you get down to about seventy-five bottles (that's twenty-five verses, already!), the average parent wants to scream. read more

Portable Flannel Board

Portable Flannel Board Materials Shoe box Felt Flannel scraps ScissorsDirections read more

Road Trip Hangman

Everyone loves Hangman, and it makes a great car game. It's easy and fun, and the whole family can get involved. read more

Road Trip Tic Tac Toe

Enjoy your time on the road with this printable car game. It's easy and fun, and the whole family can get involved. read more

Road Trip: Car Games

Road Trip: Car Games Kids love games and it's amazing how the games we played as kids are now being played by our own kids. The games just keep getting passed down from generation to generation by virtue of experience. The car games our parents taught us on long car rides are now being taught to the next generation of kids … and the cycle continues. read more

Stop and Go

Stop and GoMaterials Red and green construction paper Scissors Tape Straw Directions read more

Top 10 Car Games for Kids

The holiday season often means long car trips with restless kids. Keep your children fully occupied and ensure a smooth ride with these fun-filled travel games for the car. They require very few supplies, they aren't messy, and they'll help make family travel a breeze! read more

Top Toys for Traveling Kids

Keep your kids occupied on your next journey with these fun and portable travel toys and games. read more

Top Toys for Traveling Toddlers

It can be tough to keep rambunctious rugrats entertained for long car trips or plane rides. Curb on-the-move melt-downs with these great travel toys and games for toddlers. read more

Travel Bingo

Travel BingoMaterials One sheet of heavy paper or cardboard per player Markers (or magazine pictures and glue) Clear contact paper or plastic page protectors One dry-erase marker per childDirections read more

Twenty Questions

Twenty QuestionsDirections read more

Who Wants to Be a Genius?

Who Wants to Be a Genius?Start your trip with this game and award prizes that will give your children something to do while you travel. Materials Five index cards per player Pen or pencil Children's trivia games and schoolbooks (optional) Supply of prizes like coins, marbles, playing cards, small toys, markers, books, and/or snacksDirections read more