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Activities With Food

African Recipes

Prepare some traditional African foods with your students. read more

Alphabet Cookies

Alphabet CookiesTime 30 to 45 minutes Materials Rolling pinAlphabet cookie cuttersCookie dough Directions Work together to help prepare some homemade or purchased cookie dough, rolling it thin so you can each cut out the letters from your names. Include the names or initials of friends and family members to give as gifts. Extensions read more

Amazing Inflating Balloons

Amazing Inflating BalloonsBoth chemistry and cooking are about combining ingredients to create something completely different. In cooking, certain ingredients, such as yeast and sugar, are vital to the finished product because of the chemical reaction they produce when they're combined. This activity demonstrates how yeast works. Materials read more

Apple Prints

Apple Prints Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 10 minutes Materials: 1 apple Knife Paper towel Tempera paint Shallow pie tin Light-colored construction paper Celebrate harvest time with a bounty of fresh apples. This activity will help your child have fun with this popular fruit. read more

Apple Shake-Ups

Apple Shake-UpsThese treats aren't very nutritious, but toddlers will love to help make their own colorful snack. Materials Apple Knife Sugar Cinnamon Ziploc bag Directions read more

Apple Shapes

Apple ShapesMaterials Apples Knife Metal cookie cutters Directions Peel apples and cut them into thin slices. Give your child small metal cookie cutters and let him cut shapes out of the slices. read more

Apple Smile

Apple SmileMaterials Red apple (unpeeled) Peanut butter Miniature marshmallows Directions Cut a crisp apple into wedges. When laid on its side, each wedge should look like a lip. Spread one side of an apple wedge with peanut butter. Add three or four miniature marshmallow "teeth" along the edge. Spread another apple wedge with peanut butter. Place it on top of the marshmallows for a big, toothy grin. read more

Berry Picking

Berry PickingMaterials Sunscreen Sun hat Bag lunch Juice Books Directions Every child should pick berries at least once in her life! Kids find strawberries the easiest to pick, as they are low to the ground, easy to see, and have no thorns. read more

Build with Ice Blocks

Build with Ice BlocksMaterialsMake these special ice blocks, and your child can use them to build a wall or a castleWater Tempera paint Cardboard milk cartons Directions read more

Caveman Food

Caveman FoodTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials Dinner food items Directions Use your imaginations to plan a caveman meal. You might serve up a roast beef with whole baked potatoes along with a written menu dubbing your dinner dinosaur meat with whale eggs. Pea soup with fish crackers could become a drink from the lagoon. Let your imaginations be your guide. Extensions read more

Chef for a Day

Chef for a DayTime 15 to 20 minutes Materials Ingredients for a simple recipe Directions Pick a simple recipe for a meal and let your child help to prepare it, allowing your child to present the food to the family with great flourish. French toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and refrigerator biscuits are good items to begin with. Extensions read more

Coffee Can Canisters

Coffee Can CanistersMaterials Empty coffee cans Paintings, drawings, or other artwork your child has made Scissors Glue Clear contact paper Directions read more

Cookie Paleontologist

Cookie PaleontologistTime 30 minutes Materials A few chocolate chip cookiesPlastic knife, toothpicksShellfish or nut pickSmall paintbrush Directions This is a great project to show kids how much patience it takes to be a paleontologist or archeologist. Take a chocolate chip cookie and scrape out as many whole chips as possible.Concentration is required to extract the chips, which are then eaten as a reward. Extensions read more

Corn Rolling

Corn Rolling Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 15 minutes Materials: 1 dried ear of corn Tempera paint Shallow pie tin Light-colored construction paper This simple painting activity produces a unique effect. You may also wish to have your toddler try painting and printing with other vegetables, such as potatoes, cauliflower, and green peppers. read more

Craft Projects with Food

Craft Projects with Food I know, I know. Adults always told you not to play with your food, but hey, this is craft time. What's great about playing with kids is that we adults have an excuse to do the fun things kids get to do. Here are some simple ideas. read more

Crazy Cooks Party

Crazy Cooks PartyDirections The main activity at this party is cooking. read more

Cup of Fish

Cup of FishTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials Clear cups or glassesBlue gelatin dessert mixChewable gummy fish candies Directions read more

Cut and Paste Label Art

Cut and Paste Label ArtAge: Three and up Time: An hour or moreType of Activity: Arts and crafts Materials needed: read more

Edible Jewelry

Edible JewelryTime 20 to 30 minutes Materials Food items that can be strung, like black licorice shoestring, cereal pieces with holes, Lifesaver candies, and knotted pretzels Directions Measure the licorice and cut it in lengths for bracelets and necklaces making sure to allow enough length to tie a knot.String on the other candies, cereal, and pretzels and wear until you get hungry. Extensions read more

Edible Necklace

Edible Necklace Materials Shoestring licorice Cereal or crackers with holes in the middle Directions read more

Egg Drop

Egg DropMaterials Raw egg (and a few extra) Packing materials String or tape Directions The object of this activity is to wrap up an egg so that it won't break when dropped from a height. The recommended height is 12-15 feet. Design a container which will protect the egg from breaking. It should be lightweight and sturdy. Most of all, it should withstand sudden impact with the ground. read more

Eggshell Mosaic

Eggshell MosaicThis is a great way to use up the remains of the Easter eggs. Your child will have a lot of fun breaking up the eggshells, and the pretty colors make a great mosaic. read more

Five Unique Recipes for 4th of July. Sure to be the Star of the Party

Everyone looks forward burgers, barbecue, and hot dogs on Inpependence Day, but you can really make a splash at your family's potluck by making one of these 5 unique recipies for Fourth of July. Get your taste buds ready! read more

Flour Drawing

Flour Drawing Materials Cookie Sheet Flour Directions Lightly sprinkle the surface of a cookie sheet with flour. Show your child how to draw in it with his finger. Or draw a letter, number, or shape in the flour with your finger and have him draw the same next to yours. read more

Food Count

Food Count Materials Empty egg carton Pen or marker Small food items (raisins, cereal, chocolate chips, candies)Directions Write the numbers 1 to 12 on the individual sections of an egg carton. Have your child count out each number using small food items. Then have her fill the numbered section with the correct number of items. Once the sections are filled, work in reverse, having your child identify each number, count the pieces, then eat them! read more

Fortune Cookies

Fortune CookiesIngredients read more

Froot Loop Sand

Froot Loop SandMaterials Froot Loops cereal Food processor or rolling pin Construction paper Glue stick Directions read more

Fruity Treat

Fruity TreatTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials Fruit juiceSmall paper cups Popsicle sticks Directions You can make and share a gift that is both tasty and healthy by pouring fruit juice into paper cups and inserting wooden sticks before freezing. Once it is frozen, remove the cup and enjoy. Extensions Add some fruit that has been slightly mashed before freezing.Add a drop of food coloring before freezing and sharing. read more