3 Unique Baby Shower Themes to Make Your Shower Stand Out

Updated: June 26, 2019
Looking for a unique baby shower theme that makes your shower stand out from the rest? Check out these three ideas!
Unique baby shower theme
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Baby showers have come a long way—no longer do we have to wrap future moms' bellies in toilet paper or make diaper cakes. Now don't get me wrong, these are both cute ideas, but there are some new and unique baby shower themes out there these days. Here are a few of the latest trends.

Baby Shower Meets the Bar

A pub makes a unique baby shower venue

One girlfriend of mine decided to forgo the traditional living room or function hall and threw her shower at a trendy barbecue pub in the city. They served delicious barbecue and fun drinks (for those not expecting). Some understated flowers kept me feeling like I was at a lovely baby shower. Having a shower at a bar certainly wasn't traditional, but it was such a fun, unique, and special experience for the mother-to-be and her closest friends.

Bring on the Books

A children's book makes a great baby shower theme

Incorporating a literary theme is a fun way to build a book collection for you or your friend's little one. Pick a timeless character like Peter Rabit, Winnie-the-Pooh or Curious George to help anchor your theme and then go nuts using it for decoration, for your cake theme, and for your favors.

Encourage guests to bring a book instead of a greeting card to go along with their gift. Photocopy story pages to use as decorations on your tablescape. Or shop local to purchase vintage story character items to decorate (stickers, animals, etc.)

Baby Shower on the Beach

The beach makes a great setting for a unique baby shower

I never thought a baby shower on the beach would be possible, but it's a wonderful venue to celebrate your baby! Set it up picnic style and letting the natural setting guide your decorating. Shells, dune plants, and driftwood accesories set the scene. The blues, greens, and beiges of the beach create the perfect neutral baby shower theme.

I hope that these baby shower themes inspire you as you plan your special celebration. When it's time to consider enertainment, check out our roundup of the best and the worst baby games (though remember, games are not required if you're not a game person!).