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75 Hawaiian Girl Names for Your Little Island Princess

Discover the beauty and uniqueness of Hawaiian girl names perfect for your little island princess. Explore meanings, origins, and the spirit of aloha with this list!
Hawaiian girl names
Updated: May 23, 2024
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From the gentle lapping of the Pacific to the vibrant flora and fauna, the spirit of Hawaii is as rich and diverse as its familial naming rituals. With a name comes identity and heritage, each as buoyant and beautiful as the island names they might bestow upon your daughter. Whether you're a new parent seeking a name for your child or an aficionado of cultural exotica, join us on a voyage to the aloha-imbued world of Hawaiian girl names.

Hawaiian Names for Girls (& Meanings!)

Hawaiian girl names

Here's a handpicked list of Hawaiian girl names, carefully curated with meanings that speak to the soul of the islands.

  1. Anakahonua - "The land and the sea," represents unity and harmony.
  2. Anela - "Angel," embodies purity and guidance.
  3. Anuenue - "Rainbow," symbolizes hope and promise.
  4. Aulani - "Royal messenger," conveys messages of importance and urgency.
  5. Haunani - "Beautiful snow," epitomizes pristine beauty and uniqueness.
  6. Halia - "Fond remembrance," evokes memories cherished and held dear.
  7. Hi'ilei - "Adorned with lei," represents love and celebration.
  8. Hi`ilawe - "A stone overturned," signifies discovery and new beginnings.
  9. Hokulani - "Star of heaven," signifies celestial beauty and eternal brilliance in the night sky.
  10. Ho'okena - "To fulfill, to achieve," embodies accomplishment and success.
  11. Hula - "The hula, dance," celebrates culture and storytelling through movement.
  12. Ihilani - "Joy from heavens," reflects divine happiness and enlightenment.
  13. Iolana - "To soar like a hawk," symbolizes freedom and perspective.
  14. Iwalani - "Heavenly seagull," conveys spiritual guidance and exploration.
  15. Kaiulani - "Sea heavens," embodies the majestic union of sea and sky.
  16. Kaiaulu - "Gentle sea breeze," evokes a sense of calm and refreshment.
  17. Kaimana - "Power of the ocean," symbolizes strength and depth.
  18. Kailani - "Sea and sky," represents vast potential and endless horizons.
  19. Kakalina - "Pure," epitomizes clarity and simplicity.
  20. Kalea - "The calm, the tranquility," invokes peace and serenity.
  21. Kaleikaumaka - "Beloved child to look upon," celebrates cherished love and beauty.
  22. Kaleoaloha - "Voice of love," embodies the tender expressions and whispers of affection.
  23. Kalani - "The sky," encompasses the endless possibilities and the expansive freedom of the heavens.
  24. Kalanuimanu - "The heavens where the birds fly," symbolizes freedom and elevation.
  25. Kamalani - "Beloved child," embodies precious love and nurture.
  26. Kapu - "Sacred, forbidden," conveys reverence and mystery.
  27. Kealani - "Clear sky," evokes a sense of clarity, freedom, and boundless potential.
  28. Kealoha - "The love," represents deep connection and affection.
  29. Kepa - "Garden in full bloom," celebrates growth and beauty.
  30. Kiele - "Gardenia," embodies purity and lovely fragrance.
  31. Kina - "China," symbolizes cultural richness and history.
  32. Kiwilani - "Heaven's highest level," represents supreme bliss and enlightenment.
  33. Laka - "Goddess of hula," celebrates dance, fertility, and creativity.
  34. Lanakila - "Victory, triumph," embodies success and achievement.
  35. Lanikai - "Heavenly sea," evokes paradise and tranquility.
  36. Laulani - "A family in heaven," symbolizes eternal love and connection.
  37. Leiko - "Bud of a flower," represents potential and new beginnings.
  38. Leilani - "Heavenly flowers," embodies divine beauty and grace.
  39. Leimomi - "Pearl lei or child of pearls," symbolizes purity and preciousness.
  40. Lilo - "Generous one," conveys kindness and selflessness.
  41. Lokelani - "Small red rose," evokes beauty and passion.
  42. Luana - "Content, happy," symbolizes a state of bliss and fulfillment.
  43. Mahina - "Moonlight," symbolizes guidance and illumination.
  44. Mahinahina - "Gray moon," conveys mystery and depth.
  45. Makalani - "The eyes of heaven," embodies divine watchfulness and guidance.
  46. Maile - "Vine with fragrant leaves," represents protection and peace.
  47. Malie - "Calm, serene," invokes tranquility and harmony.
  48. Manalani - "Spiritual beauty, heavenly mountain," symbolizes spiritual elevation and beauty.
  49. Mele - "Song, sing," celebrates the expression of stories and emotions through music.
  50. Meli - "Honey," embodies sweetness and nourishment.
  51. Momi - "Pearl," symbolizes rare beauty and value.
  52. Moanalani - "Broad expanse of heaven," represents vastness and spiritual expanse.
  53. Moanikeala - "Fragrant breeze," reflects the sweet and refreshing essence of nature’s breath.
  54. Nahoa - "Bold and defiant," represents the spirit of bravery and resilience against adversities.
  55. Nalani - "The heavens," conveys a sense of divine infinity and wonder.
  56. Nanea - "Fascinating, enjoyable," evokes enjoyment and captivation.
  57. Nanakuli - "Look of the heavens," symbolizes awe and reverence.
  58. Noelani - Girl of heaven," embodies ethereal beauty and mystery.
  59. Okalani - "Heaven," signifies a divine realm of peace and perfection.
  60. Olina - "Joyous," conveys exuberance and happiness.
  61. Oliana - "Charming, graceful," embodies elegance and allure. It also references the Oleander plant.
  62. Palila - "Bird," embodies freedom, perspective, and the beauty of flight.
  63. Pikake - "A jasmine flower," symbolizes delicate beauty and attraction.
  64. Pualeilani - "Gift of the sky, flower from heaven," represents heavenly blessings and grace.
  65. Pualani - "Heavenly flower," embodies celestial beauty and purity.
  66. Pualena - "Yellow-brown flower," conveys warmth and earthiness.
  67. Puanani - "Beautiful flower," symbolizes natural beauty and charm.
  68. Pumehana - "Warm and welcoming," evokes comfort and hospitality.
  69. Uakea - "White rain," symbolizes serene, mystical precipitation.
  70. Uilani - "Royalty encircling the heavens," signifies nobility and grandeur.
  71. Ululani - "Inspiration from the heavens," reflects divine enlightenment.
  72. Waiola - "Water of life, living water," embodies sustenance and renewal.
  73. Wailana - "Calm waters," evokes tranquility and peace.
  74. Waileia - "Joyous sea," evokes the exhilarating and soothing qualities of the ocean.
  75. 'Iolani - "Royal hawk," represents noble spirit and freedom.

Traditional Hawaiian Naming Customs

Hawaiian naming customs are steeped in meaning and reflection of the islanders' deep connection to the land and ocean. Customarily, Hawaiian children would be named by their parents, often with insight from the grandparents or a kahuna—a Hawaiian priest or wise person. Names may be inspired by a family member, a significant event, the beauty of the natural world, or aspirations for the child's future. The name itself could bestow attributes or blessings, and its significance would be carried throughout the child's life, often accompanied by a "god" name which was only used in times of illness or danger as to protect the child's spirit.

What Is a Hawaiian Name for a Pretty Girl?

A Hawaiian name for a pretty girl may have meanings related to beauty, grace, or nature. Some examples include:

  • Kaia - "Sea," symbolizing the peaceful and captivating qualities of the ocean.
  • Leilani - "Heavenly flower," representing celestial beauty and purity.
  • Malia - "Calm waters," evoking tranquility and peace.

What Is the Hawaiian Girl Name for Flower?

The Hawaiian girl name for flower is Pua. This simple yet elegant name means "flower" in the Hawaiian language and can represent a wide variety of flowers, including hibiscus, plumeria, and more. Other variations of this name include Pualani, Puamana, or Pualei.

What Hawaiian Name Means Love?

One Hawaiian name that is commonly associated with love is Aloha. This word not only means "hello" and "goodbye," but it also encompasses the idea of love, compassion, and affection towards others. In Hawaii, aloha is seen as a way of life—treating others with respect, kindness, and love.

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