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Updated August 15, 2022

Since Kazakhstan is a landlocked country, it has been influenced by many cultures and other countries. Russia, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey are a few examples. There are also Arabic and Iranian influences as well, turning it into a melting pot. Depending on your ancestry or your interest in the Kazakh people, there are many options for baby names. Below we have put together some of the best boy names and girl names, and there are only 2 unisex names because they are uncommon.

Kazakh Naming Traditions

It was common in the past to have a respectable elder in your family, such as a grandparent, choose the name for your baby. This practice was said to ensure that the child grows up and becomes successful. However, parents are taking the reins and choosing a name for their babies these days.

The gender of the baby would help determine the name chosen. For a baby girl, parents wanted a beautiful and easy-to-pronounce name. This is because the Kazakh people believed that the “evil eye” would harm the girl otherwise. “Gul” is commonly used as a prefix or suffix in a girl’s name, as it means “flower.”

A different method was used for boys. If you have a baby boy, the Kazakhs believed that men were meant to be protectors. So, a firm name would be chosen for them to reflect what they wanted for their little one’s future. This is why you have seen a lot of suffixes such as “bek” and “sultan” that mean “ruler,” “king,” or “chieftain.”

Kazakh Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Aidos - Kazakh for “friend of the moon.”
  2. Ainur - Kazakh and Arabic for “moonlight.”
  3. Aisultan - Kazakh and Arabic for “king of the moon.”
  4. Akbulat - This Kazakh name means
  5. Alikhan - Kazakh and Turkic name that is made up of the elements “Ali” which means “noble” and “Khan” which means “ruler.”
  6. Amangeldy - Kazakh and Kyrgyz for “safety came.”
  7. Amir - An Arabic name that means “prince” or “strong.”
  8. Arman - Kazakh for “wish” or “hope.”
  9. Arystan - Kazakh for “lion.”
  10. Balta - Kazakh and Turkish for “an ax.”
  11. Batyrbek - This Kazakh name is a combination of “batyr” which means “hero” and “bek” which means “chieftain.”
  12. Beksultan - This Kazakh name is a combination of “bek” which means “chieftain” and “sultan” which means “ruler.”
  13. Bolatkhan - This Kazakh name is a combination of “bolat” which means “steel” and “khan” which means “ruler.”
  14. Dias - Kazakh and Muslim for “sun” or “day.”
  15. Erasyl - Kazakh for “noble man.”
  16. Kanat - This name means “wings” in the Kazakh language.
  17. Nursultan - This name is a combination of the Arabic and Kazakh words “nur” which means “light” and “sultan” which means “ruler.”
  18. Qazir - Kazakh for “done instantly.”
  19. Serikbolat - The meaning of this Kazakh name is “companion of steel.”
  20. Timur - This name is of Turkic origin and it means “iron.”
  21. Tursynbek - This name translates to means “let it live” in Kazakh.
  22. Ulugbek - Kazakh for “great chieftain.”
  23. Yerkhan - Kazakh for “manly king.”
  24. Zhansultan - Kazakh for “soul ruler.”
 Astana capital city of Kazakhstan

 Astana capital city of Kazakhstan

Kazakh Girl Names and Meanings

  1. Aigerim - Kazakh for “wonderful moon.”
  2. Aigul - Kazakh and Turkish for “moonlike flower.”
  3. Aisulu - Kazakh for “beautiful like the moon.”
  4. Anar - Kazakh for “pomegranate” or “garnet.”
  5. Batima - This is the Kazakh form of the Arabic name “Fatima.” It means “one who abstains.”
  6. Damira - Kazakh for “heart” or “mind.”
  7. Evnika - Kazakh and Russian for “kind victory.”
  8. Gulmira - Kazakh for “flower princess.”
  9. Kunsulu - Kazakh for “beauty.”
  10. Lyazzat - Kazakh and Arabic for “sweet” or “pleasant.”
  11. Mahabbat - This Kazakh name means “love.”
  12. Marzhan - Kazakh and Persian for “coral” or “pearl.”
  13. Sholpan - Kazakh for “morning star.”
  14. Tazagul - This combination in the Kazakh language means “pure” (Taza) and “flower” (gul).
  15. Ultuar - Kazakh for “give birth to boys.”
  16. Umit - This name is of Turkish origin and means “hope.”
  17. Zhazira - Kazakh for “island.”
  18. Zhibek - Kazakh and Russian for “silk.”

Unisex Kazakh Names and Meanings 

  1. Aset - A variation of the Arabic name “Asad” means “lion.”
  2. Miras - This name has several origins including Arabic, Muslim, Kazakh, and Albanian. It means “legacy” or “inheritance.”


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