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Updated August 12, 2022

If you have Kazakh or Russian roots, your last name may reflect your heritage. We have put together a list of some of the most common surnames or popular names in Kazakhstan as well as others that can be found in the country as well Plus, you can learn a little bit more about the history and traditions when it comes to last names in the Kazakh language.

History of Kazakh Surnames

With Russian and Kyrgyzstan covering most of Kazakhstan’s borders, it is no surprise that those languages would influence names. Kazakh is the official language of Kazakhstan and Russian is also considered an official language. Kazakhstan used to be under Russia’s control in the early 1900s, but it claimed its independence within the Soviet Union in 1990.

Naming Customs

Many Kazakh people adopted Russian last names before the country gained its independence. They used the suffixes -ov or -ev. It is becoming less and less common as people are beginning to drop the suffix from their surname. However, they are still using a patronymic system where their last name is a variation of the father or paternal grandfather’s given name.

Common Kazakh Surnames and Meanings

  1. Abdullaev - Kazakh and Muslim origin, means “son of Abdulla.”
  2. Akhmetov - Turkish origin and comes from the Arabic language. It is very common in Kazakhstan and it means “most praiseworthy.”
  3. Aliev - This Kazakh surname has Russian roots and it means “son of Ali.”
  4. Iskakov - This surname is most common in Kazakhstan. It means “son of Isak.”
  5. Ismailov - This surname is most common in Soviet countries and it has roots in Arabic. It means “God will hear.”
  6. Ivanov - This Kazakh surname has Russian and Bulgarian origins. It means “son of Ivan.”
  7. Omarov - Kazakh origin, means “son of Omar.”
  8. Ospanov - Kazakh origin, means “son of Ospan.”
  9. Petrov - This surname is derived from the Russian given name “Peter.”
  10. Sokolov - This last name is derived from the Russian word “Sokol” which means “falcon.”
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

More Popular  Kazakh Last Names and Meanings 

  1. Abdrakhmanov - Kazakh and Kygrz origin, means “son of Abdrakhmanov.”
  2. Almaty - Kazakh origin, means “full of apples.”
  3. Amangeldi - Turkish and Kazakh origin, means “safety came.”
  4. Bolatov - Kazakh for “son of Bolat.”
  5. Ibragimov - Russian for “son of Ibrahim.”
  6. Isaev - Russian for “son of Isai.”
  7. Kadyrov - Kazakh and Kyrgyz for “son of Kadyr.”
  8. Mustafin - Derived from the personal name “Mustafa.” This name is the Turkish form of the “Muhammed.”
  9. Nurgaliev - Kazakh for “son of Nurgali.”
  10. Sadykov - Kazakh and Kyrgyz for “son of Sadyk.”
  11. Smagulov - Kazakh for “son of Smagul.”
  12. Tolegenov - Kazakh for “son of Tolegen.”
  13. Tursyn - of Kazakh origin, means “to remain alive” or “stay alive.”
  14. Yusupov - Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Russian for “son of Yusup.”
  15. Zhanibekov - Kazakh origin, means “son of Zhani.”
  16. Zhusupov - Kazakh and Kyrgyz for “son of Zhusup.”

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